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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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I am glad that your experience is good with her.  All my guests gave her a chance but she was not very quick to respond to their emails.  She would've gotten my guests' bookings if she would've given them more competitive pricings from the gecko.


It's kind of funny that you have Barbara Hylton too.

Originally Posted by chrissyandrob View Post


I am using Barbara Hylton and she has been quick to repsond to my guests but her pricing is MUCH higher. She did match any pricing (including my own) that you find online. Most of our guests did book outside of her because of this and I made her aware of this. The only good thing is that if you do go through your TA, you and your guests will not be walked if the hotels are over sold or if you havea ny issues, they will handle it. If you use a TA, make sure to tell your guests to do research and let the TA"s know that there is better pricing out there. She has also been cheaper than bookit on a few occasions and I knwo internet pricing changes daily- keep that in mind too....



June 12, 2011


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Hello Lindsay,


I am so upset because I gave destination weddings a chance to get all the bookings but I don't like the way they conduct business.  Not sure if your guests complained, but mine said that it takes her a day or two to respond and then her prices were outrageous.  Half of my guests weren't going to go due to her high quotes.  I spoke to Dest Wedd and they said if the guest sends them a quote then they will match it; isn't that time consuming or what.  Sorry had to vent some more lol.


Good luck and let me know if you need any help.






Originally Posted by LindsayMichelle View Post



I am having similar problems with destination weddings. Her prices are a lot higher and my guests are just booking through bookit. I would like to take advantage of the free room deal. Who are you dealing with and how does that work? Thanks girl!



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Hey Colleen you're 2 days after us:):)  Are you using any outside vendors?

Originally Posted by colleenandclint View Post

i had a conference call with lisabeth and feel soooo good about my wedding now.  it is not till july 19th but it was nice to touch base with her and she seems to really have her stuff together.  she has a calm personality and assured me that everything would be very nice.  she did suggest that menus/flowers/decor/cake be picked out and emailed to her 1 month before the wedding.  That sounds good to me cause then when we get there we just have to confirm everything one last time and not be tied up for hours.  


i going to trust the past brides that everything will come together when we get there.  no stress, now i just cross my fingers that lisabeth will still be there in july!!!


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I haven't bought the fabric for the gazebo yet b/c I am still deciding on the fabric, silk or organza not sure.  I believe Veronica sent me the measurements for the gazebo, I will look for it and send it to you.


Are you going to have centerpieces? 

Originally Posted by sarcrook View Post

That's all I wanted them for too...Gazebo Fabric & Lanteens!  When you say Gazebo - you are talking about the one on the resort right?  Not on the beach??


How much fabric are you bringing??




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Congratulations girl:):) 

Originally Posted by sarcrook View Post

It's official:


January 24th, 2012





If anybody needs a Travel Agent let me know - we are so lucky to have found one that is AMAZING!  I got her name & info off of this thread!!  I can't tell you enough how great she is!!  She keeps contact with guests through email - she worries about guests not booking, etc..AND she gets ahold of Ana (our WC) if we can't.  She is the best decision we've made!!!!! 


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They should have it fixed soon.  I've been to Cancun so many times and had never gotten sick, just bring lots of the necessary meds:)

Originally Posted by LD8685 View Post

Has anyone else read all the TripAdvisor reviews about people getting sick at the resort? I have been to mexico several times and have never had a problem, but after reading some of the reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor...Im starting to get worried!!!


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We're doing one per couple and for the people who are single (even if they are sharing a room) we will do individual for them.  Although everyone will be getting some of the items in the bag (ex. mug, key card/tip money holder, etc).  Here's what we're including so far:


the tote bag itself

welcome letter/pamphlet


mug (fireflybuys - seems to be free shipping to Canada? Still $$ but they're good quality)

key card/tip money holder on lanyard 

bags of candy and packs of gum

one travel game per bag (wrapped and it will have a tag that says "open in case of rain")

deck of cards

First aid kit (we're doing them craft ziplocks so it's easier to transport.  Includes tylenol, immodium, pepto, advil, bandaids, earplugs)

luggage tags (the ones that say things like "This is NOT your bag", "don't touch this bag", etc)


Nothing too original, I know, but we really wanted to make sure we were spending money on things people would use. 



Originally Posted by jkhowell View Post

Is everyone doing an OOT bag per person or per couple or room???


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This sounds feasible...  It makes the most sense to give them out at the Welcome cocktails but I don't want people to have to carry their bags around or worry about them while they're schmoozing.  Plus, how will they know about the Welcome Cocktails without their welcome pamphlet?!  Haha.  Who am I kidding - we don't have THAT many people ;)


Maybe it would be nice for FH and I to go drop them off and welcome everyone personally, actually.  Thanks for the ideas everyone!



Originally Posted by dimplesandsuga View Post

Hi Carb


In speaking with my coordinator, an idea was that they may be able to give you the room assignments after everyone has arrived or before and you can assign one of your attendants to go and drop the bags off at the doors. Its a thought....



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Hi!  Just wondering if anyone else was uneasy about sending their credit card information down to the resort? I am so afraid it will be printed out and left sitting around for someone to see. It has all the information on the card.  I really want to book my date but I am so uneasy about this part. I am also considering a site check, just so I can see the resort before we make our final decision. I know it's what we want to do but I spent hours yesterday reading this thread and I am so nervous about all the decorations, etc. that I may need to bring down with us. When I first thought about a destination wedding I just assumed that decorations were included!

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