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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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OK girls..after weeks of no reply after Maria said she was leaving.. I get an email today from a Veronica Chi Pan and Lisbeth who are helping coordinate my wedding...anyone heard of these ladies, or is anyone communicating with them yet? Again they have all my wedding information down wrong, and are asking me beginning stage questions on stuff thats already been planned and agreed upon between myself and the previous coordinators.

This is kind of shady.. and I'm really worried about it =(

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ddemayo..can you tell me how much it was to hire the Stylist & Team to do hair and makeup for you at the resort?  Also, was it worth it?  I've seen pics of previous brides that spend money on their hair that doesn't last through the wind much after the ceremony...

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pjbwed...I can't even tell you how AMAZING your wedding looked!!  Just beautiful!!  I have a few questions...our wedding isn't until January 2012 so we have some time - although we are heading down there this coming January to site visit three resorts.  One of them being DRC...the others are NOW Sapphire, and Secrets Silversands.  I feel very fortunate to have found this thread on DRC..you brides have been nothing short of lifesavors!!  ;)  A few questions..


Did you hire a stylist to do hair and makeup?  I also have 8 bm's..trying to decide on the best option - I've seen pics from other brides and some of the updo's haven't survived much of the wind at the ceremony...was it worth it?  Do you remember the cost?


We were thinking of using DJ MANNIA for our reception...it seems DOREMIXX is very similar.  Did you price compare?  Was their a reason you picked DOREMIXX? 


Regarding the large wedding party - we will not be doing our ceremony on the beach (unless we have to)..did somebody help you with where to put your 'maids, and groomsmen?  I'm worried about it being so big and not having an actual "rehearsal" we won't really know what to do..


Did you choose to have your cocktail hour on the beach or did it have to be there because of your reception location?  Were you happy with that?  I do worry about having anything on the beach just due to it not being comfortable...and sand getting EVERY WHERE.  Did you have any problems? 


What is the location of your reception...LOVE IT!!  Also love the lighting..was that pricey? 


Thank you SO much!!


Congrats on being a new beautiful wife!!!  cheesy.gif





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Originally Posted by Planner1Events View Post




hello Tsgnatko!!

In case you need any help with flowers, decor and furniture rental, I would love to help you!

My email is: glavor@planner1events.com , send me a email and I can send you amazing options for your so special day!!

 Kindly regards


Gabi Lavor


Originally Posted by tsgnatko View Post


Can you please all help me?huh.gifhuh.gifhuh.gif?


I am gettting married 2/10/11 which is exactly 3 months from today


My plan is to have a "Welcome Party" in the Lobby bar and no rehearsal dinner



Is this a good schuedule


My wedding is at 3:00

Cocktail party 4-6

Dinner 6-8

Reception 8-11  


When do I go over all the details such as lighting for reception, music, table decorations, flowers, etc...


Please help


Do I need my own ceremony script of is what they have good

i am so freaking out







Oh how fun! The picture in Gabi's profile next to the name Planner1Events is the decoration of our wedding gazeebo! We just back from our wedding on Saturday. I am going to try to sift thru the latest comments and then post my thoughts / review. If you have specific questions, post them on here and I will answer.  

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Originally Posted by ddemayo View Post



Ok so we got married at the Dreams Riviera Cancun on Saturday November 13, 2010. We had a 135 of our closest friends and family attend our destination wedding. The Hotel said it is the biggest wedding they have ever had and probably will ever have.

We booked the Master suite for a whole week and stayed in room 1200. The master suite is insane and if you have the money make sure you pay to have this nice room for you and your future husband! We arrived on Wednesday with a few family members and a few guests. Now I have been to the resort for a site visit so I knew what to expect when we first arrived but the few people who hadnâ€t been there (including my husband) were amazed at how beautiful the resort was. They just said it was breath taking and I had to agree, thatâ€s exactly why we choose the Hotel. We were greeted with bottles of water and glasses of champagne. A great way to start off this vacation, especially with our group, they were bog drinkers.


So we chilled the first day and met with Magdalena (Maria) and Walter the banquet manager on Thursday. We went over all the details we had already went over and cleared up a few things. In all honesty, I wish I just waited till I got down there to plan everything. I feel as if I spent so much time and energy getting all worked up and stressed out throughout the year when I could have just planned the whole thing a few days before. Just a little word of advice!  Any which we went over everything and they had provided all that we had hoped and wished for.  We had few minor mishaps but nothing our fun group couldnâ€t deal with. We met again with them on Friday morning to go over a few more details and to pay for the whole event.


In planning a wedding and being the main coordinator, the one thing I would change is I would have arrived on Thursday and had my wedding on Friday so I could actually enjoy myself the entire time and just relax. I would have had the wedding once we arrived. See we got there on Wednesday and didnâ€t have the wedding until Saturday. Although we planned some wonderful events it would have just been much better to enjoy myself instead of having those days leading up to the wedding worrying and taking care of little things!


So here goes our wedding weekend/day:

We asked the wedding coordinator if the Hotel could hand out the Welcome Envelopes that we had made up for our guest once they were checking in, but unfortunately they said they couldnâ€t because it would be too hectic. So we made sure to meet people in the lobby once they were arriving and handed them out then. If we missed anyone, we just made sure to catch them by the pool, where everyone was. These included a welcome note, details about the wedding day (time, place etc) as well as an invite to meet us for some drinks.


We had a welcome cocktail party at the lobby bar (we just told everyone to meet us there) we didnâ€t pay to have this little event and it was great! It worked out great because everyone came and had drinks for an hour or two and then went off to eat. Some the restaurants had an hour wait so it just ended up being perfect for people. Not only were they at our welcome party, they were having drinks while they were waiting for their tables to be ready for dinner.  


As our rehearsal dinner, since we donâ€t/ didnâ€t really have one, we rented a private catamaran ride and took our immediate families out on a private sunset cruise! Let me tell you, this was absolutely amazing and beautiful. What I loved about this was we rented it for just our families so we didnâ€t have to share the ride with anyone else and it was just awesome!


Here is how our wedding day unfolded:

Saturday November 13, 2010

I got a Manicure and Pedicure in the Morning

I hired Fernando Fuentes and his team to do hair and make-up. He arrived at 10 am and we all got our hair and makeup done in the Master Suite – He was amazing !!!! I absolutely loved my hair and makeup. He did a great job! I canâ€t even tell you how happy we all were!

My cousin took the Hair and Make-up appointment at the Salon, instead of me since they wouldnâ€t let me substitute it. She was my travel agent so it was the least I could do for her.

Ceremony took place at the Gazebo at 3:00 and this was the perfect time! We had Symbolic Ceremony- NON Legal. We had a aisle runner that I had made, it was hand painted and beautiful. We got it from idoorginals.com. We also had  bamboo fans on all the chairs and a wicker basket full of white parasols (all of which were a major hit). We just had the plain white garden chairs , no bows and it was beautiful/ perfect. People were telling us it looked like a movie and our guests said they felt like they were in a movie. We had a nice flower arrangement in the center table and it was perfect. In my opinion donâ€t pay the $300 dollars to have the flower arrangement on the gazebo if you do get married there, itâ€s a waste of money. You are only at the gazebo for 20 mins ( I was glad we didnâ€t spend the money).We also paid to have a champagne toast afterwards with all our guest but we didnâ€t even get a chance to do so. Another waste of money donâ€t bother.  We told all our guest to come in their cover-ups or little dressed because there was a break in between so they could all get dressed for the evening after the ceremony.

We hired Claudia Rodriguez as our photographer and she is insane!!! Absolutely amazing! We were able to get beautiful shots while all our guests were getting ready for the night!

Our cocktail hour was on the  beach at 5:00 and we rented Lounge furniture from EW CANCUN. This was bar far the coolest thing ever. Our guests were seated on the lounge furniture on the beach enjoying the sunset with the mariachi band playing in the background. They were able to enjoy some drinks, conversation and apps. It was amazing…… The furniture was my favorite thing!!!!


We were scheduled to have the reception on the Deck from 6-9 and it was setup absolutely beautiful.  I mean picture perfect, like something straight out of the movies. We had all white table linens, with white chair covers and I had these beautiful green and white overlays made out of fabric I got from Joanneâ€s Fabric store. I will have to show you a picture of how beautiful they were. We had DECO CANCUN do our centerpieces which were three vases filled with water lilies with candles, lights and mini starfish scattered around. We also had the hand painted maracas from Mishka (which turned out awesome) Out table looked amazing! I canâ€t tell you how happy I was with everything!   We also had white lantern lights from DECO Cancun as well and they were just awesome!


Then came the down fall……

Unfortunately right around 5:45 there was a hug storm cloud that came in and it started to spit a little. The Banquet Manager, came and found Jimmy and I and he had a complete look of panic on his face. He said that we need to make a decision as to what we wanted to do as far as move the wedding or not  but we needed to decide right then and there. At this point I was just in complete shock and He had highly recommended that we move because he believed it was going to RAIN, POUR and if we didnâ€t move at that time he wasnâ€t going to be able to accommodate us. So we had to put our feelings aside and do what was best for everyone and move. They moved us to the World Café which is still really really nice but it was a little chaotic getting everything setup and getting everyone there. But in the end it totally came together and we had an AMZING time!!! However in the end it never ended up RAINING  just spitted for about 20 mins and was a little windy! SO needless to say I was so bummed!!! But oh well what was I going…..


We also made them move the lounge furniture outside the world café so our guests could still enjoy it and it was the biggest hit with everyone.

We had DJ services provided by DOREMIXX  - and it was an absolute party. So many people danced and we had a blast!!!

We had custom box matches made on ETSY and we bought cigars at the Hotel. This was a huge Hit! We brought this awesome double sided box that had the matches and cigars in it and it was just so cool.


In all and the we had an amazing time! People still keep calling us and telling us how much fun they had and that they will never forget out wedding!  



I will be shipping some of my stuff to the Resort since we will be having a lot of guests and I cannot bring it all with me on the plane. I assume I ship it to your attention, correct? Correct

I will like to put welcome bags in everyoneâ€s room.  So I assume I provide you with the list of names. Do you want this when we arrive or a few days prior to our arrival? A few days prior and it will have a cost of $3.00 USD per room.

How many people can be seated at a table? And how many tables can you accommodate on the DECK? 8 per table, we are having a wedding tomorrow for 120 guests.

We will be arriving on Wednesday November 10, 2010 and would like to have a meeting that Day to finalize a number of things and provide you with the Welcome bags.

I would rather finalize everything at least 3 weeks before the wedding, since there are many decisions to be made and 2 days before the wedding is too short.


I am sure I forgot a lot so as I remember I will send additional information and I will point my photos up as soon as I get them as well



Your wedding did look like a blast! Do you remember us having a quick chat as we had arrived? You looked gorgeous, you had just left the World Cafe and were walking somewhere... what a small world?

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Hi Janine, we just got back Saturday night, it was so great to meet you and James! Thanks again for all the goodies, I def. used the candy containers, and loved the Mint To Be Together! I didnt end up using the parasols (they didnt seem to weather the storm well) but in any case everything is back in that room at the business centre with the name of the lady (shoot cant remember it now) for which it was entended for in a couple months I believe. Thanks again! I still cant believe we are back home. :)

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