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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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Good new... That's my birthday and in my experience, it's always a great day!!

Originally Posted by kkvance View Post

Hi everyone! We are getting married Oct.9 at DRC. Im getting a little worried about the reception. Anyone have any ideas. The ceremony is a 6 pm on beach and then i have the deck reserved. When should we do pics? It seems silly to pay for dinner for people at a all inclusive resort? Should we do pictures while people eat and then just have a desert/cake table on the deck for the reception with cocktails? HELP

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Hi Ladies!!!  I am back from my AMAZING wedding at Dreams!!!!  We were there for 12 days and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the resort!!!!  Everything was amazing!  I will try and get a review in and if you have and questions I will try and answer them!  I used Yazmin because Ana was busy when I got there and she was pretty great.  There were minor mistakes with our welcome dinner but it ended up being better!!!  Everything really does come together when you meet with the coordinators.  There really is no need to stress at all....wish I believed that before I went!  I am so sad to be back home....we all are and my entire group is already planning a trip back!

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I want to know this too!

Is the huppa thing the white square thing they put up on the beach that we see in all the pictures?

I was going to bring fabric for it myself instead of paying an arm and a leg.


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Originally Posted by CrystalRileyID View Post

Hi !! Iâ€m getting married on December 3ed also(as are two more)! We booked the ultimate and have 40 guests. They havenâ€t been very good about communication with me however my impression is that they are very busy and do this stuff all the time. They seem to have it all figured out and no need to stress in anyway because it seems that the only variable for the wedding is the guests and the bride and groom. I think they are able to put the wedding together very quickly. I have even spoken with brides that didnâ€t even do any planning until they arrived at the resort and they said it all turned out beautifully!


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Hello brides! I have never posted on here, but feel a little lost about the whole process.  My wedding is on December 3, 2010 at 4:00. Not sure what I need to be doing at this point in time... Any recommendations? Should I be contacting the wedding coordinator (I gather it's not Ana any more)? What decisions as far as reception location, rehearsal dinner reservations, etc., should I be arranging now?


Any help is appreciated! I'm learning so much from these posts!



Welcome more December brides!!!!! cheer2.gif


I'll be arriving the day of your weddings! Mine is December 8th :)

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Originally Posted by futureMrs.S 2011 View Post

I found the Koozies too!!!!  Thanks for the tip! I went to Michaels and I bought the pink and orange ones since those are my colors!! (I bought all they had!!) cheesy.gif I love them!! 





Aren't they sooo cute?!  I love them!  Glad you found them :)

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