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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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Originally Posted by Chelsey & Travis View Post

Hi ladies!  I have some questions/need advice.  I'm hoping someone can help!!!


- Our ceremony is at 11am.  Our reception will be laid-back, and we are just hoping to have dinner/lunch in one of the restaurants (we have around 30-35 guests).  From what I hear, the only restaurants open for lunch are Oceana and Seaside.  Is this right?  And I hear that they get very crowded around lunchtime.  With that being said, I'm having a hard time figuring out what would be best.  Should we have a late lunch following the ceremony and pictures?  Or should we wait and have our reception at night?  My concern with doing the later is that it will be inconvenient for guests (ie:  they have to come back for dinner), and that we will have to change back into our wedding attire after a day in the sun, etc.  Any thoughts?


- I've heard that the hotel hands out daily itineraries to each room.  Is this correct?  We were going to provide our own itineraries in the OOT bags, but I'm wondering if that's necessary?


- How is everyone getting OOT bags to guests?  I think I read that they will deliver for $1 each.  Does anyone know if they do this?  Or can they hand them out to guests at check-in?  Does anyone know?


Thanks in advance for your help!  You guys are the best!



The World Cafe is also open for lunch, and is not usually very crowded. You might be able to speak to a manager and see if they can seat you together. Or, have someone head there directly after the ceremony to save tables. Are your guests staying elsewhere? If you're getting them day passes anyway, you might just have them stay for dinner - maybe you could use the extra room for your hubby for them to freshen up in...


Yes, the hotel does daily iteneraries for all the resort events, but many brides do an itenerary for the wedding day events. I set up a time before we left to meet all my guests in the lobby bar to give OOT bags and iteneraries, but all my guests stayed at DRC. I had one guest who didn't make it on time, so I left their bags at the check in counter, and they received it, no problem. Hope that helps!


Sorry for my many posts. I haven't been on in awhile and answered as I read them...

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Thanks Aubrey, for all of the great info!  All of my guests are staying at DRC.  My biggest concern is a) finding a location to eat afterwards if doing lunch or B) occupying my guests' whole day with wedding activities if doing dinner.  I'm sure something will work out!

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Originally Posted by ap070680 View Post


That is correct.  I have the wine list and menu for Bordeaux and Portofino.  If you want it just give me your email address.  All other types of drinks are included.  The wine cellar only holds 20 people though. 

if you could e-mail that to me that would be great!  nicolecory@gmail.com  I spoke with our wedding planner here and I think we will end up with 22 people, and she said they could easily do that in the wine cellar.  So I hope they are right!  Thanks again!!


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Hi Everyone!! After changing our minds many of times we have hopefully! decided on Dreams Riveria Cancun....what are your opinions of their wedding packages and the beach setup for our wedding....that is the only thing my fiance is worried about. I really just want to make sure we picked a perfect place.....still waiting to hear from the WC about our date though...I really wanna start booking people! Any info would be great, thanks!!!!!! - Lauren

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I think they charge a few dollars for the bags but I also heard if you leave them up front at checkin they can hand out...


I just pretty much finished my OOT bags.. I decided to put them together here so I dont have to go crazy on vaca.. someone on here told me to do that!  thank you!!   I ended p going with the bag from the dollar tree that matched my color. fuchsia.. in them I placed.


White Flip Flops for each for the white welcome party  ( i asked the sizes b4)

Playing Cards  (dollar tree  2 for 1 buck)

Bought first aid kits  and emptied them..  bought at walmart for $1  (little ones and made a survival kit with aspirin, gas ex, tums, bandaids, energy cap, pepto tabs, bug wipe, sanitizer wipes, and for the single ones CONDOMS!  lol

A michaels they had a great sale: so I got... a little silver shimmery memo pad with pen and holds a pic..  We put our monogram in it with our wedding date.  also got shimmery luggage tag..added our monogram... shimmery passport holder...

For the ladies I added a silver shimmery cosmetic clutch that ended up costing like .50  and added a small evian spray, and bath & bodyworks travel paradise lotion for my immediate family and bridal party

Bought cross word puzzles sudoku at dollar tree

Small crossword puzzles at oriental trading for soooo cheap.. cute for kids..

I also added cute 2010 neon sunglasses in each bag for each person.  These WERE CHEAP!  Clearance like 2.00 for 12!!!!  I also splurged and got a few glow in the dark ones! lol

On oriental trading I also found starfish oranaments for the tree.. I actually added our initials  hotel name and wedding date.  They came out so  cute!!!


i also bought the small maraca key chains for SUPER CHEAP!  I added our wedding  date and initals.. they came out adorable.


for the family bags I bought slinkies 1.00 at target

kids sunglasses

bubbles , stamps,

nerf balls from dollar tree and target



I spent less than15 each a bag..  adding that we will get candy and goodies at costco when we get to mexico!   Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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We went to El Patio when it was opening for the day (we did this a couple days before we wanted to have the Welcome Dinner) and asked to speak with the manager.  I'm sorry but I don't remember his name.  Ana told us also that it was not possible to seat all of our 28 guests together but when we went to El Patio, they agreed to do it with no problem...we just had one little section of the restaurant.  We just had to be at the restaurant 30 min before it opened.  Once we got there, the manager took me and my husband aside and asked us to choose just 2 entrees for our guests to pick from.  However, they brought us out frozen margaritas, appetizers, whichever entree you picked, and then dessert.  It was really fabulous :)  Our guests had a great time too!!  

Originally Posted by BethAnne View Post


we are planning on doing this too...we have small group of about 10- and since Ana claims its "hard" to get that many people seated together, I figured i'd talk to El Patio Manager when we get there and ask for them to push two tables together (like its not that big of a deal!!)

I was wondering if you remember the managers name.. or where you went to get ahold of him at the resort??

This would be so helpful!


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I recently emailed Ana about our rehearsal dinner and I wonder if they are changing their tune from before.. she said it wouldn't be a problem to have our rehearsal dinner in one of the restaurants, and I told her it would be approximately 20 of us. She did say though that she couldn't confirm the location until a week prior, and we would have to choose a set menu. Fine by me!

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