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Love this site (for digital cameras)

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Hi ladies,


My FI and I are forever losing or breaking our cameras. It seems that every time we buy one it doesn't make it a year before its missing or no longer working. This year alone we've now lost 2 (March and July)!!


Anyway, we've been ordering our cameras off of the eBay Store - Olympus Auctions: since they're priced a little cheaper then regular but you still get a good camera.


Bear in mind a lot of the camera (if not all) are refurbished by Olympus and that is why they're giving you a deal. We've now ordered 3 (just got the newest one today) and couldn't be happier with the products we receive. If it wasn't for us losing them all the time we would probably still have the first one.


So, if you're in the market for a good camera, don't want to spend retail prices, and don't mind that it's "refurbished" then I highly recommend using Olympus auctions.


Happy picture taking!


Oh perhaps I should add that even though they say refurbished, Steve and I have yet to receive one that has anything wrong with it, cosmetic or otherwise.

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