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So many things went wrong that it was just right! (his proposal)

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Well, I thought since I was getting such delight out of your engagement stories - I may as well post mine.


Darren and I met in a beginners snowboarding class in December 06 on holidays in La Plagne, France. I broke my arm after the first couple days and spent the rest of the time in hospital! But luckily we were both living in London at the time and ran into each other in an Aussie Pub on Australia Day (Jan 26th, oh and by the way, we are both from Australia). From then we started dating, and without the complications of meeting families or anything like that, moved in together and started travelling together around europe and America.


ANyway, I'm off the topic, but two years later afetr we had settled back in Australia (turns out we grew up only an hour away from each other - not bad for meeting on the other side of the world!) and he was taking me away to sydney for the weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday.


We decided to drive the long way (allong the coast insted of the shortcut on the highway) and we had a little tiff about him going the long way and wasting time - little did I know that he was planning on stopping at the most beautiful lookout up the coast and had a ring in his pocket!


So on the way (after our tiff) it started pouring down with rain, and he pulled into the lookout and said he had to use the bathroom (cue another mini-lecture from me about going before we left). You could not see anything at the lookout - it was pouring with rain and the fog had set in, less than a metre visibility, so he got out of the car and put on a CD - with my favourite song playing - me still absoloutely clueless and annoyed at all the mucking around, started flicking through the CD to see what else was on it (FI standing outside the car in the pouring rain waiting for me to put it back on the song he had picked to propose to - "lucky i'm in love with my best friend" by Jason Mraz).


Finally I put it back on the right song, so he comes round to my side of the car, and slips in a massive puddle - soaking wet, muddy and in a puddle, he pulled out a ring and exasperatedly said "Do you want this or not!!".


Totally shocked I got out of the car and he asked me to marry him properly.


I figure, if he still wanted to marry me after all that then he's definately a keeper! :)

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