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So this is my brainstorm idea, I'm just not sure how to make it reality :)

For my invites, I wanted to go a postcard route: a separate postcard for each invite 'section'. I found a vintage postcard of the hotel that I was going to use for accommodations, one of a view of the hotel from the beach for the ceremony/reception info, etc. Then I was going to have an RSVP postcard that they can just check off and send back in the mail.

So my thought was to scan them in and print them out, flip them over and print the info on the back. I'm somewhat computer dumb - does this sound like it would work?

I also can't figure out how to put them together. I didn't want to just stick them all in an envelope...

Any suggestions/advice?

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are you printing them yourself?you could perhaps have it printed as one long document and perforate it between each section?or can you edit it so that you can put the scissor mark for them to cut it?


or why not do them as separates and put them in a nice coloured bag to post them?

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