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Thanks everyone! I don't mind sharing a copy, just pm me your email (as long as that isn't against forum rules).


The luggage tags came from Walmart. I got this one for the luggage tag and the wide one (with the hole at the top) for my key card holders. I think they are $2.77 for a pack of twelve, but with my coupons I don't think I paid that for them.


I got the baggies free with coupons, so I thought it was a fun extra touch!


The information was important for me because so many of our guests have never left the country. In fact of the 30 people going I would say that me, my fiance', and 3 of my college friends are the only one who have ever left the country. Well my parents have been on cruises and to the Bahamas, but that was before you needed a passport. Many have never flown or others haven't flown recently, so I really wanted to make sure they were well equipped with information. I'm still worried that I left stuff out!

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They look great!


We are in a similar situation - my fiance and his family have never been out of the country - and they are all working on getting their passport. Your info will make it a little easier for them!

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