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Hello ladies! I'm getting married in Kauai and need some help and ideas on wedding favors. I was going to do OOT bags but all of my guests are staying at different locations, so I'm wanting to do a small bag with a few items in them as favors instead. I need suggestions for items to use as favors that are related to Hawaii or Kauai but aren't too cheesy. My aunt had suggested small bags of Kona Coffee and macademia nuts. Did anyone else use these? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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Hey future Mrs. S. I am planning a wedding in Kauai in 2011 and I was thinking of the food idea as well (chocolate covered mac nuts or coffee). A couple of other ideas, I am considering:

- vintage post cards (check out Hawaiian Art | Island Art Store | Hawaiian Art Greeting Cards, Prints, Posters, Gifts & More for some samples)

- silk fans. Especially if your wedding is in the summer because it can get humid.


Hope that helps.



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I'm not sure if you got bags yet, but I got my OOT bags from Hawaii and they look really really cute online (they are still in route)! I can keep you posted on how they turn out if you like. They are made of palm leaves and come in several sizes. They are called Lauhala tote bags. Here is the site if you are interested: Welcome to Ailana Kai


I hope this helps!

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