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Mrs K 2010!

Kids? RIU ?

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Okay now some of you might think i'm selfish for not taking my six year old with us to jamaica.


It took a lot of soul searching and beating myself up before i realized that my dream wedding vacay wouldnt be as fun as i would like it with the lil man along. I for once want to not have to worry about making him the first one happy...lol =)


So with that, we are having a huge reception back home , that weekend after we get back. So he can yack it up with everyone , dance around be in his own element, and party and celebrate and take pictures etc etc...


So with that.. I see everyone loves the RIU... I havent done much research into the RIU chain. as I wanted something adults only, but not Couples only because everyone on our guest list isnt a "couple"?


So I wanted to know , where did everyone who has married already stay.. and If it was kid friendly ....how kid friendly is it ?


I found the perfect resort, but being out in the middle of no where is weighing me down a bit..... and after thinking of staying at a RIU... Im just curious if its crazy for kids or not...


Everyones pictures are fantastic... I mean there isnt little tikes running amuck in the background. Everything looks lovely and all.


Just a little aprehensive. If im not bringing my little guy along..I dont really want to b around everyone elses.. Although the end of may I dont think everyone would be vacay'n yet out of school....



And how good is RIU's all inclusive plans? And the wedding is either free, or 750.00$ ?


We want to stay at the breezes rio bueno .. its all super inclusive..the weddings included too.... but its inbetween Mo'bay and Ochie... so that isnt so bad.. but the more i see of Negril the more i wonder if I shouldnt be there instead..



Has anyone had second thoughts about thier perfect resort?!!?

ahhhh!!!!! help.shots.gif

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If I were to go to Jamaica again I'd probalby do Negril cause I hear the beaches are better there. Our beach at RIU MoBay was great until you got in the water...lots of plants growing and you couldn't enjoy the water.


I didn't see a whole lot of kids while I was there. They certainly didn't get in our way! Actually now that I think about it there was one little guy bugging the hell out of us by the pool bar. He kept jumping in from behind where we were sitting and splashing us every 2 minutes. not fun. Other than that though we pretty much stayed away from the kids. I guess cause there were no kids in our group we didn't really notice anyone else's. If I had a child though I think I would've been more aware of them but it really wasn't on my mind at all.


I don't think I help much! There was a place to drop off kids and I saw them every day but they kept pretty quiet.


good luck!

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No that helps! lol u cant get some advice sometimes on the internet, even though there is a billion reviews..


I seen they have a "compound" for kids. lol i dont think it will be much bother...

We cannot wait! I think negril is our place!

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