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RIU Ocho Rios Review 7/20/09 **long with pics**

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Such a helpful review! I'm planning my wedding at the Riu for May 2012. I've been emailling with Keisha but getting information is like pulling teeth! You mentioned that it's a good idea to bring your own decorations, but when do I need those? During the ceremony or dinner? What package did you choose? I'm doing the Royal package and hoped to just use the flowers that are provided.


After reading about your poolside reception, I decided to do a reception too! I was originally thinking that we could just hit the bar and disco at 11 when they open, but then when would I have the first dance with my fiance and my dad? Now I think I want to do a bonfire on the beach and have a DJ and bartender. The DJ is an hourly expense, so I'm not sure how long I would need him for. How long was your poolside reception?


Thanks for any additional information you can provide!



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