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September 2009 Brides??

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Hello ladies!


With our wedding dates fast approaching, I thought it would be great to have a thread dedicated to all the thousands of things we still have to do to get ready to go! Might provide some inspiration and possible oh censored.gif! I forgot about that...


It seems September is a relatively 'slow' month for DWs. I thought it was perfect, all the kids are going back to school,so there won't be many around, its technically off season so the rates should be better, and the hotels should be quieter! It will serve us well in the future for anniversary trips too!


Wondering how everyone's lists are coming? Our final payment is due on friday and I still have some unresolved items. Here is what I am trying to get done before the week is out:


Passport & BC to the WC for myself, FH and witnesses.

Final headcount (this is the hardest thing!)

A layout for our centerpieces to photograph and send to the WC

Our logo

OOT bags -i think i have everything, but I need to confirm, put a sample together, do the welcome letter, and put labels on certain items

Plan and book any 'day of' spa appointments

fill out the civil registry form

oh yeah, and hopefully the dress will come in!


I'd love to know how you are all doing?! Getting excited!!!!smile29.gif I can barely concentrate!




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