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Cheat Your Way Thin diet ~ **guide available to download in post #45**

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#211 finzup

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    Posted 24 August 2009 - 12:20 PM

    Originally Posted by jstinemari
    Also, on the chart breakfast is at 7 and i was up today at 8 but didnt eat until 8:30, should i get back on track with the chart and eat again at 10 or wait 3 hours between my first two meals and so on??

    I would just wait a few hours hours or so between meals.. the important thing is that they are all spaced out and that you never get hungry.. so if you have breakfast at 8:30, maybe do meals at 11:00, 2:00, 5:00, 8:00 , 11:00?

    I have to say I had trouble with the meals on the days when i wasn't working -- I got up later so I ended up only eating 5 meals.
    8:30 - breakfast
    12:00 am snack
    3:30 lunch
    6:30 dinner
    9:00: pm snack

    so I kind of missed the afternoon snack.. but there was no time and I wasn't hungry so.. hopefully I will be okay. Next weekend I am going to try to plan the times out better.

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    #212 ~*Lisa*~

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      Posted 24 August 2009 - 12:53 PM

      Katie - I'm not sure if I formally congratulated you on your weight loss, but WOO HOO girl, I'm so happy for you!!!

      #213 LadyTrunck

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        Posted 24 August 2009 - 01:31 PM

        5.5 lbs lost the first week! Yay!
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        #214 nsbride2010

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          Posted 24 August 2009 - 01:35 PM

          hey ladies! Thanks to the couple of you that sent me the diet, I am already on the band wagon, yesterday was my cheat day and today I am disciplined and strict! hehe
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          #215 nsbride2010

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            Posted 24 August 2009 - 01:39 PM

            I think I should mention that the 9 pounds lost so far have NOT been attributed to this diet (or any other diet for that matter), just sheer will power and lots of exercise!! I just need something to give me a little kick, and this seems like the best way. I love hearing the success stories and the progress so far, it's really motivating! Keep working hard ladies!
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            #216 ~*Lisa*~

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              Posted 24 August 2009 - 01:48 PM

              Originally Posted by LadyTrunck
              5.5 lbs lost the first week! Yay!
              So awesome girl. Keep up the great work!!!

              #217 jetsbride

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                Posted 24 August 2009 - 02:01 PM

                Originally Posted by LadyTrunck
                5.5 lbs lost the first week! Yay!
                Way to go!!!

                #218 ~*Lisa*~

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                  Posted 24 August 2009 - 02:19 PM

                  Alright ladies, I know that some of you have been waiting for my review of my first cheat day and my up-to-date weigh-in, so here it is. This is probably going to be really long, sorry!!! Get the out! lol

                  I want to first start off by saying that I couldn't follow the proper weigh-in days as I go to the cottage on the weekends and we have no scale there. So I started the diet on the Sunday, and since it was a long weekend, didn't weigh myself until the Tuesday morning (my initial weigh-in). The next week I waited until the Monday morning (again I was at the cottage for the weekend), which I had lost 5.5l bs my first week. Again, at the cottage and lost 2.6 lbs when I weighed myself on the Monday morning. That was last Monday which would mean that because it was my first cheat day on Saturday, I would have to weigh myself on Sat morning. Well, we were outta town and I had to do it Friday morning. So from Mon morning to Fri morning (in my 3rd week), I didn't lose a thing. Not surprising seeing as it was only 4 days later. So, to follow my old schedule of Mon morning weigh-ins, I did it this morning which resulted in a 1.2 lbs gain (obviously because of my CRAZY cheat day on Sat, which I will get to in a few mins! lol). In the end, I did not record this gain because I need to get into the routine of doing it the morning of cheat day (or the day before for me because of the cottage thing). So in the end, this week's weight loss/gain will be final on Fri morning. I dunno how things got so messed up, but they did! So anyone who is wondering how I'm doing, well, we'll see on Friday! lol I hope that wasn't too confusing for anyone!!

                  Now onto my cheat day. As you know, alot of you have seen how excited I've been waiting and planning for my first cheat day. We were at my grandfather's for the weekend. Here's how my day went. I woke up at my usual time, ate some cookies (yes I know, bad before breakfast), then we went to Timmy's for a bagel with cc and a 1/2 coffee, 1/2 hot chocolate (which I only drank 1/2 off - I wish it was the hot chocolate 1/2! lol). So the day progresses and my grandfather asks me to make some cookies for him, which I did, and ate alot before lunch. Lunch comes around and I didn't really eat anything that bad, just a bun with meat/cheese/lettuce. After lunch comes the DQ. I had been craving a Blizzard forever! So we head to the DQ, get stuff for all of us and I start eating my Blizzard. Unfortunately, I decided to get a different kind that I normally do and I was soooooooooo disapointed. I eat it anyway, cause well it's still DQ. Dinner comes around and we have steak, baked potatoes and salad. To finish that off, out comes the pie and ice cream!! (yes I know, more ice cream!). Oh I wanted to mention that after the DQ, my belly doesn't feel too good! But, I keep on eating, cause it's my cheat day and I want to eat whatever I can! Oh I also forgot to mention that my FI bought us some little chocolates that he gave me the morning of our cheat day as a "Happy Cheat Day" gift, which was so cute and of course, I ate those throughout the day! It's after dinner now, and I had bought chips and dip for a snack to have with my Pepsi. I didn't even eat the chips because I couldn't eat anything else. I didn't even finish my whole Pepsi because I thought that my teeth were falling off when I drank it!

                  1. make sure when you pick something, make it good, make it what you really want, what you normally eat
                  2. don't pig out all day with junk, you'll just make yourself sick
                  3. if you feel sick, then stop eating the crap foods (not like me - DUH!!)
                  4. Pepsi rots your teeth off (still love it though!! )
                  5. maybe get a smaller version of what you would normally eat. For example, I usually get a medium Blizzard, well it felt like WAY too much, so I should have gotten a small

                  I think that's about it. I did want to mention that I did go for a walk that day and the day after, to try and get rid of some of those bad calories! lol

                  Also, it was a little difficult the next day going from eating whatever you want to something more strict. Although I have to say that it was probably because we were at my grandfather's and the junk food was still around.

                  Anyway, that's about all I have to say about that. I'm really hoping to lose more weight. I'm a little afraid that it'll take me all week to lose what I gained, then boom, again, another cheat day! The FI and I decided that we would only eat 1 or 2 things we're craving on cheat day. Not like the day we just had. Maybe order your fav pizza for dinner but eat normal meals for the rest of the day. I dunno, I think I'm going to try that this cheat day.

                  Good luck ladies and I hope that some of you can learn from my experiences!!

                  #219 ~*Kathy*~

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                    Posted 24 August 2009 - 02:32 PM

                    holy moly Lisaloo, that was indepth! Here are some of my thoughts on your cheat day/weigh in review:

                    - Do your best NOT to plan out your entire cheat day (I know you couldn't help it because you were so excited hehe). In the book, he says not to do that because it could lead to overeating that day.

                    - I never weigh myself the day AFTER a cheat day. It won't be an accurate reading as you will most likely have temporarily gained weight due to all the carbs and sugar and you probably retain a lot of water from getting more salt than you're used to during the rest of the week. I can guarantee that if I weighed myself the day after a cheat day, I would likely weigh 2 lbs heavier than my weigh-in weight due to all the factors I just mentioned.

                    - I agree, order smaller versions of things. I find that most food that I'm not used to having anymore either tastes too sweet or too salty on cheat day so if I order something that's too big, I usually get grossed out by it and waste it by throwing it away.

                    - Because you eat so clean during the week, you will likely get a stomach ache or worse (like diarrhea, sorry to be so graphic) from eating on your cheat day since your body isn't used to all that bad food anymore. I had two slice of French toast on my cheat day this week with syrup and cool whip. Guess what that did to me? lol It wasn't pretty. I recommend keeping Tums handy on cheat days and maybe eat a bit more slowly and enjoy your food...savor it and give yourself time to digest. I ate my breakfast way too fast and ended up paying for it lol. Lesson learned!

                    Lisaloo, did you find foods too salty or sweet? Curious what your take is on this.

                    #220 faithers81

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                      Posted 24 August 2009 - 03:01 PM

                      I need to know about this diet. Can someone send it to me? I only have 3 months to my wedding, but anything would help! My e-mail is faithers81@hotmail.com

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