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When my photographer first said that the cover of our album would be "acrylic" (his words) I thought that sounded kind of weird so I changed it to a leather die cut cover. NOW I read on here that Alyssa loves her lucite cover and would still pick the same cover. I did some quick searches online and found that they look really nice with the right picture and bright colors.


Does anyone have opinions on a lucite (the look, feel, style) cover versus the more traditional black leather die cut cover?


My second question is regarding paper. I recently read that metallic paper really makes colors "pop" on the page. What is the texture like? Does it actually make every image look metallic through the colors? My favorite thing about our pictures are the brilliant colors that are Mexico. I want that to showcase in our album. Do you think I will be better off going with a metallic paper as opposed to the normal photographic paper ones?


Any help is appreciated! :)


p.s. In case you're wondering why I can't just go and see what my photographer has it's because I live halfway around the world now (literally)!

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I had the chance to check out a Lucite cover a week or so ago, and i am not too huge of a fan. They are a bit bulky and heavy. You would definitely have to keep the book on a coffee table. I mean, i guess you could store it on a bookshelf, but it is a SUPER thick cover. Remember that you are going to have this book to give to your children and grandchildren. It needs to be representative of your personality. What is cool right now, may be really out of date later.


If you want something more creative than leather, ask your photographer if any of the companies he works with use silks or canvas. Those are edgy but timeless.


As far as metallic goes, I LOVE the metallic finish. I definitely only recommend them if you have a lot of reds a blues and yellows. The metallic is a finish for the ENTIRE page. So, every color (and black) in your image will have that metallic sheene...even the backgrounds of the album spreads.


Again, though. I believe metallic is really awesome, but think of how the album represents you and will you love it 20 years from now?


Good luck!! I hope this helped!!

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Thank you SO much for the insight into the metallic papers and lucite cover! I REALLY appreciate your thoughts and reviews. You completely answered my unspoken question regarding the sheen of the entire page. Also, good to know about the silk and canvas. Silk sounds so wonderful!


It's a difficult decision for me because on one hand I want the more "trendy" look because we like modern/contemporary and I suspect that we will always favor that over a more classic or traditional look. BUT I do want something that will look good in 80 years and will still be classy. Your input really helps. Thanks again! :)

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