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pineapple princess

I give up!!!!

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Ok, here's the word from my God Father. Sounds like the WC is a little off base-that being said also it sounds like a true catholic ceremony can't take place outside of a church. So that means it's clear as mud:


Hi Vikki,


I havenâ€t the slightest idea what that could be about. There is nothing that I ever heard about or read about or studied that ever resembled this in the slightest. It sounds to me like someone did not get their facts straight. What does “sand†have to do with a wedding anyway. And what would it have to do with receiving communion. Is there some kind of problem with sand in the Dominican Republic?


The wedding coordinator may be confused. The local authority for a Catholic wedding would be the priest of the parish where the wedding takes place.


Catholic weddings should not take place in resorts, they should be in a Catholic church, in front of Catholic fellow parishioners who are believers who share the faith with those receiving the sacraments. Guests, naturally, are also invited to witness but unless they are active believers in what is going on they should not participate in receiving Communion. That would be making a mockery of what Communion is all about.


A Catholic wedding can take place without a Mass. Mass is not a necessity for a Catholic Wedding. Communion is only available if there is also a Mass.


Both the Mass and the wedding ceremony are considered very sacred. These ceremonies are not simply available for anyone, just because they might want it. It is for those who believe and understand what the Marriage and Mass Sacraments are all about, and wish to profess their Faith and commitment in front of God as part of the Faith they have been practicing and wish to continue to practice in the way they live out their marriage vows the rest of their lives.


Occasionally I run into non-believers or non-practicing Catholics who think that getting a Catholic ceremony would be quaint and beautiful. The Sacrament that takes places at Mass and the Sacrament that takes place in a wedding is too special and holy to be “used†as a frivolous or exotic dressing to enhance a ceremony.


Let me know if you hear any more about this “sand†thing. I too canâ€t wait to hear what this is really all about?


Also, please let me know when and where your wedding is going to take place.


With Love



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thanks Vicki! that mirrors what i was always taught too.


"And what would it have to do with receiving communion. Is there some kind of problem with sand in the Dominican Republic?" LMAO!!!


HA!!!! i totally agree. I think the twist here is that everywhere except for DR you HAVE to get married in a chapel. SUPPOSEDLY, the priest in DR allows you to get married in a gazebo - which must be why you cannot touch the ground. Anywho - i will tell you what my priest says.....

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That is really strange. I wonder if maybe she was trying to tell you that you couldn't continue the ceremony on the sands after receiving due to the fact that the priest has to get special permission just to perform the ceremony outside of the church? Hmm...this is really interesting. I'm going to have to remember to ask my priest about that at mass. That's one of the strangest things I've ever heard..sand...

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My mom talked to the priest today at lunch and called me at work for the update - my priest had absolutely no CLUE what the deal is with the sand!!! hahahahaha.


and the priest reiterated that you have to get married in a church in order for it to be recognized by the catholic church. i was not there to ask him directly about the DR, but they must just have a different rule. I think that the paradisus wc was just misinformed or confused. I am sure it has to do with not touching consecrated ground after communion (prior to the end of the ceremony).


wouldn't that make the most sense??


anywho - just wanted to update everyone! i WILL get to the bottom of this. he he!

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