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DIY Pocketfold Invites - Check! Sooooo happy with they way they turned out!

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Melissa I love them! You just gave me inspiration and that website was a godsend!! Did you have to print your own graphics though! You did an awesome job...




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Thanks everyone!


We printed them at home. We have an inkjet printer we did them on and were very pleased with the results. The only problem we ran into was our printer does not print borderless on custom sized paper. So we worked around that by making those borders on the everything. I actually ended up liking the borders a lot, and the pocketfold was so tight with the inserts and rsvp envelope that I dont think I could of matted them anyways.


We created the border on the labels to which was a nightmare. Inkjet printer and labels...it would smear everywhere. So I had to put the labels on from the sticky part and flatten it with a piece of paper. lol


We got our inserts precut, but its a bit cheaper if you cut them yourself. We did have to cut the map insert so we could get the staggered look. Than of course cut out the monograms and mat for the monograms.


I give my FI full creative credit. While we both put our heads together for we wanted the design to be, he did all the legwork on that! At one point he said if photoshop was a person he would stab it in the eye. lol


I told him I think he outdid himself this time :)


This was our breakdown:


20 pocketfold sets - $48.00

(included pocketfold, invitation, invitation mat, 2 precut inserts, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and main envelope)


Shipping and Handling for pocketfolds: $8.80


Ribbon (JoAnns) - $4.28


Monogram Paper (JoAnns) - $1.14


Monogram Mat Paper (JoAnns) - $.69


Ink: Free - we didnt even have to refill our printer.


Total: $3.11 per invite



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those are DIY?? you'd never be able to tell!! i just love all the little touches you added. the ribbon on the belly band (i had no idea that's what they were called!) is so cute and works perfectly! you really did an amazing job.

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These are SO cute. I looked at the website and am thinking of using them for my information packets that I will send out prior to the wedding. Thanks for posting, it has been very helpful!

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