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How to Encourage Guests to Book at Host Hotel?

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#11 Lady_Di

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    Posted 04 August 2009 - 12:43 PM

    Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy
    I am so nervous too... I just got off the phone with the travel agent and she said it would be around $1000 for 3 nights with airfare at my AI. I know my FI's family can afford that but my large extended family is going to have a problem... :-p

    I was contemplating paying for guest passes for the people I REALLY want to come but cannot afford to pay for my resort, or getting a condo for people who cannot afford to stay in the resort and then having them pay the guest pass. I don't know!!! aghh!!!! Are you really not paying for the guest passes?
    I've accepted that most of my relatives won't be able to come. I am okay with it. We will host a viewing party at our house (video and photos of the wedding) a month later for all of our relatives/friends who can't make it to the wedding. I am not doing a AHR because it defeats the purpose of having a destination wedding. :) I guess you can take in comfort that whoever goes must really love you guys! :)

    #12 ssleenyc

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      Posted 04 August 2009 - 01:06 PM

      My situation is slightly different. The hotel that I'm going with is not AI only. We have worked out a deal that creates an AI plan and also gave us a good deal on our reception. It would be less than truthful to say it is AI only but the truth is that we did this because we see are holding a lot of events at the hotel and want guests to mingle and hang out and drink by the pool, grab after dinner drinks in the eve. this is the most cost effective way for them to do this. They can get cheaper deals elsewhere but then they are going to be taking cabs back and forth and buying their own food and drink if they want to hang out with the rest of the party so this would make the places that seem cheaper really not so cheap as they may think.

      I just don't want to be in a situation where a lot of people book off site and then I have to eat the cost. I can't not invite them just because they don't stay at the hotel. If there are a few people here and there that are having trouble, we have budgeted for that, but if it is a great deal, I'm screwed. I don't think most people would want to stay elsewhere...but you never know.

      We just got back from a preplanning trip. FI suggested we sent out an email saying how awesome it was and how excited we are that everyone will be staying there together, great pool in the center for the unlimited drinks we've worked out, etc. Invitations will follow in the next 2 weeks...

      #13 Christy335

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        Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:03 PM

        I mentioned on my website that you must be a guest at the resort to come on-site. I'm not leaving an option to choose a different resort. I also have a wedding planner in my hometown who is my RSVP contact on my save the dates. When people call to RSVP, they also book their rooms through my Wedding Planner. They can't RSVP "yes" if they don't book the rooms. Having a 3rd party to do this keeps me from having to be the "bad guy." It also makes it easier to keep track of who has paid for their trip and who hasn't so I have an accurate count for my wedding guests. (No having to worry about Cousin Gertrude who said she's coming, but never actually booked her trip.)

        I really wanted a small wedding, but the list kept growing and growing. It may be selfish, but if people don't come to my wedding because they can't stay at another resort, that will help to cut down the guest list. The people that I REALLY want there (my mom, dad, sister, brother, and FI of course) will all be there and that's all that matters to me. Everyone else is just extra. I'm not FORCING anyone to come to my wedding, so it's not like I'm forcing them to stay at our resort. If they don't want to stay there, they just won't come to Jamaica for our wedding. It's really not that big of a deal. People turn down wedding invitations all the time.

        #14 jessiee223

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          Posted 07 August 2009 - 03:29 PM

          Brenda - I like the wording that you used. I think I will borrow it. Thanks!
          Jessie and Jeff - Mexico 2010

          #15 hockeymom97

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            Posted 09 August 2009 - 04:07 PM

            Originally Posted by TA Maureen
            If someone tells you they are looking at other resorts, I would then mention the day pass to them. By putting it out there form the beginning you are basically saying it is okay to stay elsewhere as long as you purchase your day pass. If that's not what you want then don't put it out there for everyone to see. Say it's an AI resort and all festivities will be taking place there so they need to be guests. If they come over to your resort even twice during your stay that adds up to $200.00 per person that is probably close to the price difference at a less expensive resort especially once food and drink is factored in.
            When people complain about the cost of the AI, and talk about staying at a less expensive resort, I really don't think they are looking at the bigger picture. Because you are absolutely right - and I have tried to explain this to our guests as well. Yes, you can find a less expensive hotel/resort, but once you factor in the day passes (possibly for more than one day, unless you are only coming to visit on the actual wedding day) along with food and ALL OF YOUR ALCOHOL, the AI really does come out to be the better deal.

            On our wedding web site I have it listed like this -

            "It is not required that you stay at the Beaches Negril Resort in order to attend our wedding, however we hope that you are able to, so we can share our vacation together as well! If you do decide to stay at a different resort/hotel, a day pass to the Beaches Negril resort would need to be purchased."

            Although I think I may need to update this so they understand that we are NOT paying for the day passes and they will need to cover that.
            Heather & Eric ~ May 5th, 2011 ~ Beaches Turks & Caicos

            #16 Islandgirl910

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              Posted 25 December 2010 - 09:29 PM

              I'm going to use this statement.

              Originally Posted by Brenda&Jeff09 

              I only listed information on our AI resort, and on the STD card I referred people to our website for details.... on the website I simply added a statement under the resort information that said something like "Because this is an all-inclusive resort and all of the wedding activities will take place at this resort, guests wishing to attend the festivities must be guests of this resort as well." No one has had anything negative to say about it yet, and the 20 that have booked have all said the resort looks great on the internet and they're excited to go there.

              #17 june11bride

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                Posted 27 December 2010 - 12:05 AM

                I basically did not give a choice...but then again, my resort is in the Riviera Maya which is very spread out and the hotels are sort of far apart...luckily I picked a resort that has 5 resorts on its property and they are all linked so the guests have a choice of price range but all within that one resort.


                In August my friend got married in the Riviera Maya and I was unable to stay at her resort because honestly it was WAAY too expensive (we found a resort that is affordable for our wedding). My FI and I stayed in Cancun at a regular hotel and paid for a one night stay (the night of the wedding) at her resort because it was about the same price as a day pass. It all worked out fine but we felt a little disconnected from the rest of the people there.

                Happily married on June 11th 2011 to the best husband in the world!

                #18 islandbride8

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                  Posted 28 December 2010 - 09:24 AM

                  for anyone having the issue of having guests wanting to book somewhere else this is what i would do... i would clearly state the price for day/wedding passes at your resort and make it clear that it will be their responsibility to pay for the passes.  this is what i'm doing.  i'm not paying for anyone's trip and that includes resort passes.  If you make this known they may book at your resort to save the headache of getting a day pass. if guests want to save $ by booking somewhere else, they will have to factor in the prices for a resort pass.  Maybe i'm wrong on this, but i don't think it's my responsibility to pay for a pass. 

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