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I am getting ready to send out my welcome / info book that I created (pics will be available soon) and I was considering making some passport covers to send with the book. Has anyone tried to make these on their own before? Any one know a good site that can give me step by step instructions of what to do?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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That's a very neat idea.... you could personalize and embellish however you'd like, fabric paints etc. I just did a quick search on google and found this site:


bunnybum: passport sleeve tutorial...


If you were feeling really industrious, maybe you could make matching luggage tags?


My Longest Year: Quickie Luggage Tag Tutorial


These are fabric options, and i guess would only really be a good idea if you were able to sew or have some good friends that would wanna help you bust a few of them out =)


Other options may be


kirin notebook - textiles, design, craft: How to make a reversible journal cover


{Keyka Lou Patterns}: Moleskine Cover Tutorial


Passport or Book Cover Tutorial at zakka zakka


Glass Beach: Passport Wallet Instructions


aspoonfullofsugargirls - A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR


I haven't made any of these myself, maybe someone else has some good suggestions or resources? Best of luck!

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WOw. Thanks for all the help! I found the moleskin one online yesterday but none of the others! I am leaning towards a fabric cover. I found some a Michaels for a couple bucks each and I thought they were cute (and I bought the matching playing cards there a couple months ago) but I felt like for the money they were kinda cheapy.... I am going to have my super talented friend check these out tomorrow. Thanks again!!

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