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It's really hard to pinpoint the highest chance of a rainy time - I've found it varies by as many people as you ask. Our experience is that winter (Dec - Mar) has the most rainy days, but even that seems to be changeable. Often it rains at night, making the morning wonderfully refreshed. If it does rain through the day, it' usually short n sweet, cooling the heat with a welcome break.

To be extra safe, it's a good idea to have an alternative venue to the beach ceremony (or a protective overhead roof- like a gazebo) in case of inclimate weather.

Many cultures consider rain occurring on a wedding day to be a very good omen...... good perspective !

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Originally Posted by ali0284 View Post
So i've heard that May is the "wet" month for PUnta Cana, but i've also heard that Sept. is more so....so does anyone know which one it is?
Hi Ali,

I was there in May to see what it was like for my may 2010 wedding. It rained mostly every day but many times over night and a couple times in the afternoon for 30 minutes. I'm going to just enjoy myself and whatever happens, happens!

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