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Planning a Valentin/Royal wedding in Jan

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#1 kimkrieger

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    Posted 01 August 2009 - 12:56 PM

    I just started planning my wedding and had a hard time choosing between the Valentin and the Royal in Playa del Carmen. Any thoughts on location, beach, service and wedding coordinator? I want a private reception probably around 20 guests. It is hard to pick the perfect location.

    #2 ~Stephanie~

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      Posted 01 August 2009 - 04:14 PM

      I am getting married at The Royal and I think its fabulous! Is there any specific questions that you have that I can help you with?
      Have you checked out out thread? This may answer many questions for you.

      I also was considering the Valentin on my short list and here is why I chose The Royal over the Vanentin...

      I wanted an adults only resort, but I didn't want to restrict my guest list, by staying at The Royal my guests with children can stay right next door at the Gran Porto Real and still be at our wedding day without paying a day pass. Also our guests on a cheaper budget can opt to stay at the Gran Porto Real or The Real Playa Del Carmen and since they are the same chain and all right next to each other they can still come to the wedding but its a cheaper alternative.

      Also, The Royal is right on 5th Avenue, its a huge and wonderful location of things to do, shopping, clubs etc. I was afraid my guests would be to bored and isolated or have to take a cab if I chose Valentin. If they are at The Royal no cab required, its right outside the resort!

      I felt The Royal literally had everything I wanted! Even their cheapest rooms have hot tubs in them! I spent months looking for the perfect resort (I am very picky) and I know people that have been to The Royal and I have never heard anything bad, everyone loves it!

      As for wedding stuff, they have some many options and its all within a reasonable budget. They have a ballroom, garden, beach or gazebo for the private receptions and they have the beach or gazebo for wedding ceremonies. The WC's are hit and miss on communication but its that way with every resort. I have been told be very single bride that once they are there the WC's bend over backwards and everything is perfect.

      I hope that helps a little. Good Luck with your decision!

      Our wedding websitewww.mywedding.com/stephanieandmichaelbailey

      #3 jesmcan

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        Posted 01 August 2009 - 06:50 PM


        I completely agree with everything Stephanie said. I also chose The Royal as my wedding venue.

        The biggest reason is like Stephanie said you are right on 5th avenue. It is filled so much night life and great restaurants. The very first time we stayed in Playa at the RIU Palace and it was such a pain to get down town. It is also great because your guests have the option to stay and relax at the resort or for those who want more to explore and do at night they have that option to.

        I m also in the same position as Stephanie needing a place that allows children. With the Gran Porto being right next door you can meet on the beach or go over there if you like and still have all the children at your wedding.

        Additionally I felt The Royal offers much more customization and choice for things like bouquets, center pieces and so on than most resorts.

        Good luck! let us know what you decide
        The Royal PDC & Kool Beach Club 11.12.10

        #4 cait713

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          Posted 02 August 2009 - 07:49 AM

          Hi Kim!

          I'm having my wedding at the Valentin next summer. I stayed there for a week with my fiance in June, and we absolutely loved it. We were considering inviting children to our wedding, but once we decided not to, it was Valentin hands down.

          The reasons that the other girls chose the Royal over the Valentin were actually some of the reasons why I chose the Valentin. We wanted someplace a bit more secluded and private. They are probably right when they said that the Royal offers more in terms of nightlife, but that wasn't really at the top of our list when we were deciding. The Valentin has just about everything else you could want. The beach is perfect, the food is excellent, service is fantastic, and the rooms are just unbelievable.

          Another great thing about the Valentin is that they have really amazing wedding packages. Not only are they really affordable when compared with packages from other resorts, but the are built for up to 25 guests. That's one of the things that sold me-I don't plan on having more than 30 guests, and I'm getting so much for what I pay at the Valentin. Here are their packages: Valentin Imperial Maya ~ Riviera Maya

          Lastly, I've heard awful things about communicating with the wedding coordinator at the Valentin from home, but I have been dealing with her directly for about three weeks, and she is always very prompt. My fiance and I are really happy about this-it's certainly easing my mind! If you do decide to book with them, ask to work with Ariadna; she is absolutely wonderful.

          I could keep going on raving about the Valentin-I loved it so much, and I'm so excited to have my wedding there! If you'd like to see pictures, I do have some-just email me cait713@aol.com

          Best of luck with your decision! Wherever you decide to have your wedding, I'm sure it will be perfect!

          #5 kimkrieger

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            Posted 02 August 2009 - 02:02 PM

            Thank you for all the information. I am leaning towards the Valentin. I got an email form the WC and she said a private reception was extra per head. I emailed her back to ask in the Terrace was considered private and I have not heard back yet. I hope it is not extra because that is why I choose the Valentin and the beach of course. I was secrets silversands last month and the beach is yucky.

            #6 cait713

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              Posted 02 August 2009 - 02:32 PM

              Hi Kim!

              I don't believe that the Terrace is extra. I don't think it's considered private, but it pretty much is, since you have it all to yourselves. Not positive, though.

              I don't know if you've seen, but here is a link to the Valentin page where a bride posted a link to her wedding slide show. http://bestdestinati...forum/t25887-22
              She has pictures of her reception on the terrace-it looks lovely. I'm thinking that I'd like to have my reception there too.

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