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I just want to share my excitement in that I FINALLY found a wedding invite. Just as I was ready to give up and make something myself, another bride emailed me a link and sure enough there it is! It was a struggle - I wanted something informal and colorful, my fiancé wanted something formal and traditional. I wanted something that was kind of tropical / beach-y without being cliche.

Well Decadent Designs has the perfect invite for us (Thank you Cindy!!!). I think its the perfect compromise between traditional with the pocket fold and pretty script, but love the 'organic' elements (raffia) and subtle, tasteful shells! They seem pricey but there is no minimum order and they include everything - even the enclosures! By the time we paid for a minimum order with someone else, plus all the add-ons (at least with the ones we were looking at) we would have spend just as much. Since these are hand-made there are also many modifications you can make without extra charge (for Example, our colors are pink and orange so we're adding orange to the existing design.)

The designer is Lynsey - a young newlywed (Feb '0cool.gif, who found herself starting this business when she went through the same struggle - trying to find the balance between fun and chic. I love the story and have already had exchanged a couple of emails with her and think she is a doll. I'm so grateful that she has made something that had turned into a chore, fun again. I'll be sure to post my proof when its ready! www.decadentdesignsllc.com
I love this design!! There is also a really cute starfish one on the same site!

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