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The Mandy in Chandy

Our YouTube Relationship/Engagement Story (long with pics and video!)

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Chad and I met online in March of 2008. I had been posting weight loss videos on YouTube for almost a year when I ran across his videos. He had just started making his weight loss "vlogs" and I was more than eager to welcome him to the community. I felt an instant attraction to him, and started to become quite flirty! embarrest.gif


I spent months getting to know him online, not caring that he lived 500 miles away. There was something about him that I knew was important- significant. I would ask him hypothetical questions like "what if I were passing through KY, would you meet me?" and he'd say no, and explain that he is shy and how he never really had a serious relationship before. Which blew my mind because he is quite a catch! But he felt he needed to wait til he found the RIGHT person before having any kind of commitment...and he was scared I lived too far away for us to work. But there was still an attraction there we couldn't ignore.


Finally he agreed to meet me in August and we planned a mini-vacation to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC- which was close to a halfway point between our states.

We had an amazing weekend and hit it off immediately, as you can see by these pictures. :P



Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Being away from him was unbearable, so 3 weeks later I took the 8 hour drive to KY to spend Labor Day weekend with him. And then I travelled there once a month for the next 5 months before my mom got sick and I had to stay home to be with her. He started to visit me during school breaks then (he is in his last year of college.)


I went up for Valentine's day and I planned a romantic dinner for him, and we had his apartment to ourselves. The night before I noticed he was very fidgety and restless. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He couldn't sit still!


The next morning we got up and had breakfast, got dressed, etc and he mentioned us opening our gifts to each other. I thought it was just weird- it wasn't even lunch time yet! I assumed we'd exchange gifts at dinner.


So I agreed and he set up my camera to record us, which didn't raise any concern for me as we were ALWAYS filming ourselves for youtube. He opened his gift (I got him a wireless router) and then I opened mine.


Now, you have 2 choices. You can either

a) watch the following video and see it all unfold


B) read the story below. :)


I recommend watching the video, but if you don't want to do that, it's cool.


Here's the video link:

YouTube - A Chandy Proposal


Here's the story in case you can't/don't want to watch:


So I open my gift and inside is a small black scrapbook. Each page was decorated to fit what the text said. I started flipping through the pages and reading them.


On the first page it says "Chad and Mandy" in a heart

2nd page says "Two lives intersect though they are miles apart"

3rd page: A graphic of Kentucky and South Carolina

4th page: Pictures of each of us separately

5th page: "A Man and Woman brought together by fate"

6th page: "But how could this relationship work when separated by such distance"

7th page: "The man and woman knew that this was worth taking a chance"

8th page: Picture of us together

9th page: "Everything they were feeling was justfied when they had their first kiss"

10th page: "This was more than Frienship, this was True Love"

11th page: "As time went on their love grew stronger"

12th page: "The two of them looked forward to every moment they could spend together"

13th page: "But the distance between was sometimes hard to bear"

14th page: "Still, these moments apart made the man realize"

15th page: "Just how much he loved the woman and how he wanted to be with her forever"

16th page: Silhouette of a man on one knee in front of a woman

17th page: "And so the man asked the woman to MARRY HIM"


at his point I, in the weirdest voice that has every escaped my lips said "Oh my God"


He got down on one knee and proposed! cheesy.gif




We decided to have a destination wedding since no matter what, people were gonna have to travel if they come. So I got my heart set on a beach wedding and we chose Sullivan's Island, SC, near Charleston, as our wedding destination.


Click the image to open in full size.

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OMG Mandy - that was so sweet and romantic - I was crying watching it!!! It looks like you found yourself one awesome guy! And to have video of it...how cool! That was beautiful!

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