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Moon Plalce Wedding April 2011

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I am getting married the 2nd week of April and am praying to get a decent quote for moon palace.

my heart is set on it!

Both the moon palace brides 2010 and 2011 forums are so helpful!


good luck planning!!!

From: Carol Heung   On Behalf Of Employee Expense
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 1:39 PM
To: Christian Colan
Subject: RE: Non-Compliant due to Missing Receipts - Suspension of Account/Amex Corporate Travel Card
Importance: High
Good afternoon Christian,
You had approved the expense reports below for Tara Jean Robidoux, who did not submit receipts. Please forward the message below to the employee, as we were unable to locate her on the GAL. Thank you.
Please be advised,
Accounts Payable is currently in the process of finalizing an audit for expenses that have been submitted without receipts. We have attached a listing  expenses where receipts were still not received.  
Should these receipts not be received within 5 business days from this email date, your account will be placed on hold and no cash reimbursement will be processed.  If you are a corporate card holder this will be placed on suspension until such receipts are received. 
Please scan and email them to Employee.Expense@rci.rogers.com  If you no longer have the receipts for the reports listed, please have your manager provide email approval acknowledging the missing receipts.
****Note: Please respond to Employee Expense Only and not to the personal mailbox of the person sending message ****
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Employee Expense

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Has anyone done their deposits yet? How much is MP requesting? I want to reserve our time and date but don't know how many guests we will have, the travel dates for our guests, etc.

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