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Moon Palace - Cancun Review - July 11, 2009

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Cocktail Hour / Reception


They say rain brings good luck when it rains on your wedding day!


Cocktail Hour - A


This event was included with our wedding. We had no extra costs.


All as planned...... I really didn't see much of the food but heard it was fantastic. It started raining about 20 minutes after it started. The staff did a great job getting everything out of th rain. We were beside the Gazebo we got married in so they moved as much as they could and reset it up under the gazebo. My funny memory.... and I couldn't find the pic, was one of the staff running through the rain with a huge round table on his back when they were moving our event under the gazebo.


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


And even a little decor!

Click the image to open in full size.


After the rain

Click the image to open in full size.


Reception - A


This event was free due to us having over 60 room-nights. We rented two things for this. Orange runners for the tables ($36) and an IPOD docking/stereo system with large speakers ($400)


The reception was originally scheduled outside by the gazebo also. We actually wanted the cocktail hour to be outside and the reception inside. We figured people would be hot after the cocktail hour and would be ready for some A/C. The cost would of blown our budget so we decided to keep it outside.


The morning of the wedding, after getting the forecast, we got a call stating chances of rain were high and would we mind if they moved it indoors. YEAH!! They moved it for no charge.


Everything turned out great. They used leftover fans from the wedding with the rented runners and some glass centerpieces for decor. Best thing was I didn't plan anything here and it turned out great.


Click the image to open in full size.


Music - C


We rented an IPOD docking station and didn't get it. Some of our guests had to go scrouge some cables to even attempt to get them connected. I would of given them a "D" on this but the guy running the system (Freddy) acted as a DJ and played a lot of requests. This really made a difference. The songs he picked wasn't songs that we would of picked but it really made the mistake into a more positive thing.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Our problem with it was we didn't get what we rented, and we or our guests should not have to be running around scrounging things to get it working. We also had worked on our playlists for a while to get them right. Overall, it turned out good and our guests had a good time.


Cake - B


Upgrade $180 - Very little was eaten due to us having so much food at the cocktail hour and reception dinner. The reception also included desert.


The cake looked very similar to the photo I gave them and it tasted good. I had heard that cakes are usually served on cardboard coverd with foil and I did specifically request not to have tin foil. I was pleasantly surprised when it had a base similar to the photo I gave them.


Click the image to open in full size.


It did look a little lop sided and melted but it was a good cake. And as you see, our wedding coordinator (Kelena), freaked a little when she saw that we cut through all three layers!! HAHA!!


Click the image to open in full size.

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Review Wrap Up


Group Reservations


To our knowledge, everyone got the requested rooms/beds requested in their reservation. All of our guests were in the same area of the resort with us in a different area. As stated earlier, I preferred this arrangement.


Amenities in Room


They gave Bio-silk products for all the in-room ammenities. They provided large bottles (5 oz) of lotion and smaller containers Bio-silk shampoo and conditioner. They also replaced them if you used them every couple days. They also provided toothpaste/toothbrush, shave kits, sewing kits, shoe-shine kit and a vanity kit with q-tips and other things.


In-room Safe


We used this continuously. It was a good size also. We were able to get our laptop, Bose Docking Station, two cameras, and assorted other things in there and we still had room for more.


The batteries did get low one day while there. Like everything else, someone was there to tend to it within 15 minutes and we never had another problem.


Wireless Internet


Very good and strong in the room. We also used it outside on our balcony and by the pool. It worked well in all situations. No complaints.




We had a few situations of illness.


One friend got sick the day of the wedding. She does have severe food allergies so we didn't know if this was the cause or something else. She ate at the same places everyone else did the couple days before.


My oldest son got sick after going to Cancun one day. He was on and off sick for a couple days with tummy problems and chills.


I came back with something intestinal. It hit on the way back from Mexico. It started after we spent a couple days off the resort and after eating in the airport. Fortunately, my only issue is internal tummy issues, no pain or cramping. I am currently on a three day intestinal antibiotic.


Wedding Photos / DVD


All was included in our wedding package. We did do a small upgrade to get a few more pics and a larger album. They turned out great! We are very happy with the photo album, DVD of the pics taken that day (almost 500 pics), and the video DVD.


The video DVD covers a little before the wedding, the ceremony, and the photo-shoot following the wedding. I have watched it several times this last week and see something I missed everytime.


Checkout from Moon Palace


We requested a copy of our bill the morning we were checking out. Checkout was scheduled at 1:30.


There were several mistakes and/or credits that were not applied. Once we reviewed the bill, we made a couple call and all was quickly resolved.


One of the mistakes was due to our outside guests. They had charged us the adult price for everyone but when the guests paid to get in, one person qualified as a teenager and they only credited us that price without adjusting the adult price. Again, it was quickly resolved but we had to figure out where the difference was.


I recommend you give yourself a couple hours to check it and resolve any issues.


The End of my Review


Overall, this was an experience of a lifetime. Moon Palace gave us more than we could of ever expected. There is nothing about our stay that we would change. Their staff was amazing and were there for our every need. This is a place where you can go, have fun, and really relax even if you are planning a wedding.


As I got closer to leaving and after I had talked to my WC a couple times, I started to feel I could relax. You can trust them to give you everything and more than you expected. Prayer, this forum, and Moon Palace's staff (and a tequila shot or two - HA!) really helped me and DH to have our perfect wedding day and escape.


I already know I forgot to say some things I wanted to cover. If you have any questions, please ask or PM me.


Good Luck and Congratulations to all you future Moon Palace, and other, brides!!

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For all you curly hair girls, I found a lot of ideas at Welcome to NaturallyCurly.com! .


You can click on photos to enlarge them and print them to paper from there. That is where I found the photo in my review I used for inspiration. Also, if you want copies of my hairdo, I can blow up some of those photos, crop them so you get a good view.


Just pm me.

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