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Iberostar_ del sol slideshow

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Wow I was flipping through those pictures and I got to the squirrel or cat photo (number 41) and I had a nice laugh.  It's nice when a photographer is able to capture so many details and give such a great variety of photos.  What an amazing job!! It's a great mix, of beautiful, emotional, funny and expressive photos!!  

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Gail, the pictures are amazing. You made a beautiful bride. I noticed that you had candles on your tables. If you dont mind me asking, did the hotel provide them or did you have to bring them?


Originally Posted by Gail View Post

Hi Everyone,

We just received our Wedding slideshow, TTD soon to come. Del Sol can not add music anymore due to copyright laws, does anyone know how I can attach a file or something for music. I think it really adds to the amazing job they did, what do you think?

Del Sol is amazing to work with, they are so customer oriented and will do anything to make you happy. We had a blast with them

6.11.09 Cary and Gail | Iberostar del Mar | Photos by Vincent

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