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Post wedding SALE!!

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So the wedding is now over and its time for me to part with my items...

All prices are in Canadian dollars and shipping is extra.


Here's a link with pics and items are listed below:


Items for sale pictures by kylie_felix - Photobucket



- 35 White paper lanterns - $80 for all (some of the metal inserts which are not visable from the outside have snapped, but I can fix them easily with a little tape!)


- 25 Turquoise satin table runners. I paid over $150 for these and some of them have small stains on the edges that looks like water - they can still easily be used without noticing this. Im selling all for $50.


- 23 Raffia Fans $20 for all


- Orchid flower for your hair $20


- 1 garter -BRAND NEW - white & baby blue $3


- White ribbon $1


- Turquoise raffia $1 NEW


- Turquoise tissue paper NEW $1


- 6 extra bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen from OOT bags $3 for all


- 2 crossword/ 1 sudoku $1 for all


- 2 St Ives lotion leftover from OOT bag $1 for all


- 11 First aid kits leftover from OOT bags $10 for all


- 64 Postcards - Says on them "DREAMS PUNTA CANA - WISH YOU WERE HERE". $5 for all


- 1 disposible camera 12 exposure leftover from OOT bags $1


- 6 Pashminas (brand new- it was too hot to use them, still in package) $20

(2 grey/silver, 2 Chocolate brown/ 2 Black)


- 22 Vases for centrepieces $75 for all (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY in Mississauga, Ontario).


I will have more to put up once I organize the rest including my dress (Maggie Sottero DALLAS MARIE -check it out...its beautiful!)

I accept paypal also.


Happy Shopping! :)

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I'm so sorry, I didn't originally notice that you were in Canada. Shipping costs from there would probably end up being more expensive than if I just ordered everything from here. I'm sure you'll have no problem selling everything though...you have great stuff!! Thanks!!

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The table runners are approximately 105 inches long by one foot wide.

They were perfect for our circular tables at the resort, but then it rained and we went inside to long rectangle tables and they were used there as well.

We also used the rest of them for our AHR where the tables were oval shaped...so they pretty much work anywhere!! :) I'll PM you back also.


Originally Posted by chantelle View Post
I am interested in the table runners...do you know how long they are? I will send you a PM.

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I'm interested in your paper lanterns - are they all the same size? I have no idea what shipping to the US would be - you?


Also - I love the pashminas, but I need 7 in brown. Can you tell me where you bought them (if online somewhere?).


Feel free to PM if that's easier.



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