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Yaulau's dreams cancun wedding

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Originally Posted by wkbroome View Post
My FI and I have been studying the prices for centerpieces and they can be pretty expensive for what is being offered. We are having our reception on the terrace and the table is rather long and narrow. (We have seen this setup with our own eyes) We would need at least 3-4 centerpieces for the long table = $200 and up. We have a total of 31 guests. We will pass...instead, we have purchased clear votives and will be using coral colored candles to line the table. A bit of color is needed because everything is white, except if you choose to have your chairs covered as well. (We have decided to do this as well) I found napkins in ocean turquoise which we personalized with a seashell monogram and the print is silver. We are going to lay these napkins on each of the plates for our guests. On the front the napkins state our names, wedding date, and Dreams Cancun.

For the coctail reception, no decorations are provided. I recently found turquoise tea light candle holders in the shapes of various seashells that will be placed on the small circular tables. You can totally get away with nothing but I already purchased them so we're definitely using them. smile43.gif

I can't believe that I'm getting married this month! cheer2.gif
I'm so excited that you're getting married this month, I can't wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!!

Okay, so in regards to the tables this is what I have.

I was going to use the centerpiece that comes with the package for the middle of the table.

Then I bought these white wooden trays (not a very good description) that you place 3 small square votive holders in and in the bottom of the tray is green & blue seaglass. I bought four of these, I was going to do 2 on each side of the table.

I also have fuschia colored tea light holders. They are medium size, kind of like a fuschia glass bowl and at the top it has a silver piece that you can pull out that holds the tealights. I really need to take some pictures because my description is horrible!! Anyway I was going to place one of these on either side of the white trays.

Its so hard to figure out what this is going to look like. I think I'm going to set it up this weekend, at least part of it to see what it looks like.

Oh and I also bought bright pink napkins, and I'm going to put one on each plate with a starfish in the middle. I saw that on a slideshow and thought it was such a cool idea, because I love starfish.

I also have tiny shells and more seaglass to sprinkle down the center of the table if we need it. I really need to see what this is going to look like!!!

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Your ideas sound great; I think your table will be beautiful. We are going to use the centerpiece that comes with the package as well but this will later be placed on the head table.

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I got around 300 pics from Citlalli Rico from claudiaphoto.com on a CD, but I am sure she took more than that. I think they only present you with the best pics. They didn't offer to let me choose the pics or have ALL of the pics and I didn't ask. To tell you the truth, my mind was so busy that day I really didnt' think of it. I got an album of 180 4x6 pics, and enlargements of 6 or 7 8x10 and 15 5x7 which Citlalli picked out. If I were to do it again, I would ask her to give me all the pictures rather it's good or not. I would also extend the video and have the first dance, cake cutting and Best Man speach on it. My husband did a wonderful and very funny slideshow for our wedding and that made everyone laugh. We also did a slideshow of all our guest and the good times we had with them. So I would highly recommend doing that and renting the projector from Dreams for $200.


As to the centerpieces I also thought the flower ones were sort of costly so I did 3 glass containers in the center of the table filled with sand, shells, and water. On top I put flower floating candles of our wedding color. I sprinkled blue seaglass and shells all over the talbe to give it some color. I ended up spending around $25 or $30 for each table. I had a floral centerpiece on my table and the cake table and used my bridesmaid bouquets to decorate the guestbook sign in table.

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Hello girlz,


I'm a newbee in this forum and also interested in having my wedding at Dreams. Your post have been very helpful.


I've read that receptions are in held the Terrace. Do any of you know if Dreams have a ballroom to hold receptions. I'm expecting 75 guest and would prefer to keep the party indoor, but ceremony outdoor.





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