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A group booking vent!

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Just venting about my group booking.


We just made the 10 people for our group booking with immediate family. We pretty much expected- and this has turned out to be true- that although we'll invite our entire family and friends we know that only certain people will show up and they have.


I called everyone and talked to them multiple times explaining that if you agree to be part of the group you have to be committed because if you pull out it screws everyone else over and we all have to pay more AND FI and I loose the deposit we've put down for everyone.


First my mother pulls out because she has too many closings that week so she only wants to come for the weekend. This is after assuring me many times that coming for the week was fine. She knew I was getting married why she could find someone to help her or take over I don't know. But this is to be expected of her and I was able to find a friend to replace her. Fine.


Now my step mother wants to pull out because she's afraid to leave her 14 year old son who she doesn't want to bring home since she thinks he'll fall behind in school alone for a week. It's the second week of school, he has tons of time to catch up. Just bring him!


I calmly explained to her that if you decide to come for the weekend a) we loose the money for the deposit we put down for everyone B) everyone else who has booked and paid in full will now have to pay more C) my dad will end up having to pay a single supplement since he would be the only adult in the room and d) It's $700 to go for 3 days and $1030 to go for 7 so you might as well come for the week. These are all things she could have thought about before hand.


I'm really hoping this all sorts itself out by Monday which is the deadline to pay. There is no one else who can come for the week and even if there was it means we have to reorganize the rooms to fit to people who can get along in each.


Anyone else with similar issues that hopefully worked out?

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We had a similar problem actually. I very very much disliked the company that we used to help us coordinate our wedding and travel but that is beside the point. Basically we had to do was check on prices for people to stay separately in rooms versus sharing rooms with others. Of course that is much much harder to do if you only have couples coming.


FI's brother was going to stay in the same room as his parents, we convinced them to pay the little bit extra it cost to let his bro have his own room.


Then my friend and cousins were going to stay together. I had to also convince them to split up. If we had needed to we would have helped pay the difference but as it was we did not have to do that, thank goodness.


Sorry I can't be of more help. I hate that some people all of sudden now aren't coming for the whole week. We went through plenty of hassle with people trying to stay only two nights. I seriously thought about dis-inviting those people. A little bit of bitterness may still remain. :)

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