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Sandals Halcyon St. Lucia

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Anyone been there? We're planning on getting married there may 2010. I would rather stay there because of cost, and just travel to the other sandals on the island. I'm thinking the nightlife isn't the best there being so small. How late do the shuttles run? How far in advance should we book? I kinda want to wait until the jet blue airfare comes out. Also, any reason to book the concierge room vs a lower costing room and just paying the admin/gov fees?


Sorry for so many questions!

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Sandals Halcyon is a beautiful lush resort ! More boutique, quiet and definately smaller than the other two Sandals properties!


If I remember correctly the shuttles run till 11pm.


This is a great location if you envision a garden wedding and doing some photo's on the beach as the beach while long, is not very wide. However a beach wedding is definately do-able here!


I'd recommend to book sooner rather than later as the wedding time slots for 2010 are going fast- especially for May!


I am almost completely booked for my 2010 weddings already so people are booking quite a bit ahead of time! The nice thing is if you use a Preferred Sandals Specialists who specilizes in Destination Weddings and the jetblue flights are on different days they may be able to get your dates of travel adjusted accordingly! I just did it a week or so ago for one of my brides!


A Sandals Preffered Destination wedding agent can also do a consultation with you regarding whether booking the Concierge room is a good option for you- the wedding fees in St. Lucia are steep plus concierge offers some other benefits that the standard rooms do not.


Have fun planning!

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