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Short Wedding Dresses

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Hi-ya, Jenn --


So glad to hear you found the DRESS OF YOUR DREAMS! Yippee, and I can't wait to see pics -- Venus makes some beautiful gowns!


And one more thing I'd like to suggest, if you still have your heart set on a tea length dress...are you having an AHR? If so, maybe you could wear your more traditional Venus gown for the ceremony/DW, and then wear something short/tea length when you have your local/at-home reception? That is what I plan to do! I will be wearing my actual "pouffy" gown for the 1st dance at the AHR so everyone that wasn't in Jamaica for the ceremony can see it in person, and then changing into a shorter, more dance-friendly dress for the rest of the night -- BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! wink.gif

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