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July 2010 Brides!!

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Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 View Post
Had a super productive DIY day with my bridesmaids yesterday! I completed alot of projects from my TO DO list! It feels great to have these things checked off:

- Wrapped and attached programs to Raffia Fans
- Wrapped ribbon around bubbles for ceremony
- Packed up Survival Kits - hand sanitizer, chapstick, toothpaste, lens cleaning cloths, advil, imodium, lotion, and tissues
- Packed up Stationary Kits - notepad, pen, keychain, sticky notes, bookmarks, postcards, picture sharing card, magnet
- Packed up all OOT bags and attached Thank You Letter
- Wrapped pashminas with ribbon - still need to attach a label

Up next - lose another 5-10 lbs, finalize our Meet the Guest Sheet, buy tea lights, finish sanddollar placecards, write thank you speech for the reception!
WOW! You got a lot done. I haven't even made any purchases for the oot bags.

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Originally Posted by nsbride2010 View Post
We decided that we would do welcome books.... we are using a template from here, search for Beck's Welcome Book template or something... hers is great! It has some little info tidbits that are useful, some spanish phrases and games like sudoku! We are going to print and cut them ourselves, and have them bound by Staples for $2.00 or something...

Vistaprint is a good idea too!! Very inexpensive :)
I'm also using Beck's welcome book template! I am going to print them out myself on cardstock and then put it in the photo album I'm giving to my guests that way I don't have to worry about binding them and the welcome book ends up being a gift they will use to put their pictures in.

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Wow! You guys certainly got busy. I just found out that the company I ordered my flower girl dresses from are unable to obtain them from the designer sad.gif So now I'm back to shopping around for flower girl dresses...

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I went away for 2 weeks and the only wedding related business I did was order my FI's wedding shirt and his brothers' (groomsmen) shirts. I made a huge list on my way home (yesterday) and now I'm completely overwhelmed. To top if off I had my 2nd to last fitting this morning and realized my veil is damaged! Thankfully, the store is replacing it with a new one. Only a few more weeks to go! I hope everyone else is doing better than me...

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ONLY ONE MONTH TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing pretty good. Last night I couldn't sleep so I got up and worked (for work and wedding) until 5am. I think I was a little nervous or something. It's approaching fast. I'm so afraid I won't get it all done. My Mom helps me a lot, but I need a little friend help. Then I feel selfish that I feel that way. Does anyone else ever feel that?

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Yeah!! Only one month to go. I actually worked on making samples for my very first DIY projects...worked on labels for my OOT bags from a template I found here. I also stole the idea of a starfish placecard holder from this site...purchased starfish last week...we made a sample...really cute. Now we just have to get car-stock for the placecard.


I still have to do a pre-Travel Brochure which should have been sent out by now, a Program and a menu....how is everyone doing?

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OMG! The day is almost here!

Things done:

1. Made Hair Appt to get hair trimmed and colored ( I have natural hair, so I may wear a twist-out or fro with my hair flower, both of which I can do myself)

2. Made Waxing Appt (.. never a happy time.. )

3. Finalized Cake

4. Made Appt for make-up (I'm getting Airbrush!)

5. Order Programs, Photosharing Cards, Postcards, and Calendar Magnets from VistaPrint for my quasi-OOT Bags lol (quasi meaning they get a lil something something.. but I am on a budget!)

6. Dropped off my Bridal Gown and Reception dress to get altered (lost 25 lbs from the day I ordered the gown :) ).

7. I ordered passport covers and luggage tags .. for us.

8. I ordered Wedding Favors from a fellow BDW'er. (starfish bottle toppers)

9. Bought all the Groomsmen and Groom's Shirts, Suits, Ties, and Pocket Squares.

10. Paid the photographer and the resort.


Things left to do:

1. Finish packing (yes, I made this insane packing list and have started packing already)

2. My son (18mths) is getting a custom made long sleeve linen shirt by someone off of etsy to match his linen suit, that I also got from etsy.

3. Fedex Real Touch Flowers to the WC

4. Buy a steamer for the dresses and linen suits.

5. Teeth Whitening (** BLING! **)

6. Bridal Jewelry

7. Practice walking around in the shoes

8. come up with a gameplan on how the dresses will make it to the Bahamas.

9. Plan the snorkel trip and trip to Atlantis for the immediate fam

10. French mani & pedi

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