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Went dress shopping...opinions needed

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful words!!! I meant to say 6 and 8 are my favs, my bad. I really loved certain things from all the dress but havent found one that I wouldnt change a thing.


Looks like 2 and 8 are the front runners. The plus with 2 is that its $300 (currently on sale for 250) but the straps are really off the shoulder, i pulled them up, looked so much better. The ppl at David's bridal didnt know if they could change them. With 8, i would love to have the top of 7 on it. If that could be done i think it would be the one.


Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie View Post
Hey, I recognize most of those stores... I am from NJ too. Davids Bridal East Bridal and Astyla Bridal... as you see I am dress shopping as well.


They all are gorgeous, but have you tried anything completely straplesshuh.gif

Yeah your correct on the stores, have you gone anywhere else that you would recommend?


Originally Posted by IMPPEARL View Post
I think 8 is my Fav on you, very flattering on your figure. You could also wear that one strapless...?
Originally Posted by cbell View Post
#3 and #7 are my fav's but I think #7 might look even better strapless. Have you tried on any strapless dresses?
I tried 6, 7 and 8 without the straps on and once i added the straps to each dress i liked the dress so much better. I also tried on about 4 other dresses that were strapless. Idk, i just dont like how it looks on me, i like strapless on other ppl. Or it might be a case that i havent found the right one yet.

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