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AHR ideas-games, thoughts, etc

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#1 *Meagan*

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    Posted 19 July 2009 - 09:26 PM

    Hey all just wondering if any one had ideas for fun games or thoughts or any traditions anyone has done or is doing at their AHR??

    My friend did a bowl and people put in their thoughts and best wishes etc!
    The dollar dance?

    Im just looking for ideas for something new to make sure people have a good time and something to remember!!!

    Would love to hear what everyone is doing!!!!

    #2 ashey063009

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      Posted 20 July 2009 - 08:14 PM

      I've actually been doing a bit of research on this today-- Here are some fun AHR games I found:

      Roman Hands and Russian Fingers: This game is guaranteed to get the men in the audience chuckling. The bride is blindfolded while the best man places three small clips somewhere on the groom's person. These should be in difficult-to-find places, such as the groom's shoelaces or the back of his hair. The blindfolded bride must then find each of the clips with her hands. To make this game even more interactive and fun, allow guests to call out "warmer!" or "colder!" as the bride's fumbling hands get closer to or farther away from a clip.

      Bride or Groom

      The Bride and Groom sit back to back in the middle of the dance floor and remove their shoes-- each of them holds one of each shoe. The DJ / MC offers different questions like... "Who snores the loudest" or "Who is the messiest"

      The idea is that the bride or groom (or both if it applies) must identify which of the two the question applies two by holding up the appropriate shoe as the identifier. (I love this one, it is soooo cute)

      Hula Hubba-Hubba
      Have your guests doing a lip hip action with this fun and hilarious wedding game! This game is all about making your guests work for that golden kiss from the bride and groom. All you need is a hula hoop and leis for participating guests.

      During the reception, have the MC or someone in the wedding party announce a special hip twist to the night's festivities. If anyone would like the newlyweds to kiss, he/she must hula with the hula hoop for 30 seconds! Now you know this game will produce some laughs!

      Garter the Gander
      The saying goes, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" and what better way to show this off than with a gender switch on this timeless ritual!

      For this wedding game, pre-arrange to have the groom put on the garter (without anyone noticing, of course!). Sometime during the reception, gather all the single men and announce that the garter toss is about to begin.

      Have the groom act as though he will be revealing the garter on the bride. Now, flip the switch! Play frisky music as the groom begins to pull up his pant leg and hear the guests roar with laughter! Let the bride slowly take the garter off the groom...and the rest, they say, is history.

      Putter Up
      This is another great way to have your guests moving and swinging at your reception. All you need is a golf club, some putting green, and guests with a good swing!

      Let family and friends know at the onset of the night's celebrations that the newlyweds will only kiss if someone can get the golf ball into the hole! There will be plenty of laughs as guests attempt to putt their way into wedding bliss history! For an added touch, bring along a green jacket (homage to a famous golf tournament) to be worn by the first person to get a hole-in-one!

      We are definitely going to do a twist on the latter-- we are going to make people get a hole-in-one before we kiss. (As the "dinging" is soooo insane during a wedding, and I don't believe it is worth a kiss.) DH is a HUGE golfer, so this is a must. :)
      I hope this gives you some fun ideas. :)

      #3 Ginalyn

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        Posted 20 July 2009 - 09:28 PM

        Those are awesome ideas Ashley!! I like the "Bride and Groom" one too!

        #4 KimmyG

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          Posted 20 July 2009 - 09:45 PM

          Those are some good ideas!
          I don't think the dollar dance is fun for anyone, except the bride and groom, and it's even ackward for them too.

          How about showing a slideshow of the photos or the video from your destination wedding. If you don't have them yet you could still show a slideshow of baby/childhood photos, always a hit!

          #5 *Meagan*

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            Posted 21 July 2009 - 01:29 AM

            great ideas!!! thanks so much!!!!!

            #6 ashey063009

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              Posted 21 July 2009 - 12:17 PM

              Originally Posted by KimmyG
              I don't think the dollar dance is fun for anyone, except the bride and groom, and it's even ackward for them too.
              I have to agree-- it's a little awkward (to say the least) and I think games that can involve the guests too -- on a level other than monetary -- is a great idea.

              Also, think of culturally specific games/ traditions that you could import from the country you were married in. For example, many Latin American countries have a tradition where you jump over a broom while holding... hmm... I don't remember, I want to say it's a loaf of bread. Anyhoo, you get the idea. lol

              #7 Tilly in the Sun

              Tilly in the Sun
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                Posted 31 July 2009 - 04:22 PM

                Those were some great ideas...what is a dollar dance? I have never seen or heard of this?

                #8 Jackpot82

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                  Posted 19 September 2010 - 05:34 PM

                  Has anyone had a luau themed AHR? We are getting married in Hawaii next May so the theme is perfect.


                  Not looking to spend more than $2500 total for food, booze, photographer, and decorations for approx. 60 people. Music is taken care of as my fiance is a DJ.


                  Also want to have games and prizes.


                  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!




                  #9 Mrs.Parker

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                    Posted 18 October 2010 - 06:32 PM

                    These are such great ideas!!!!

                    #10 Amiep603

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                      Posted 31 October 2010 - 07:54 AM

                      fun ideas!

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