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TammyM's Cabo wedding review

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
lol, no just another day.. lol I think I'm going to email Juan next week. Today is exactly one month of being married. I've pretty much gotten it in my head that I won't see pictures until the end of this month. And I keep looking at Juans website to see who's wedding he last posted up so that I can get a general idea on a time frame. Maybe I should hire JT to do a trash the dress session so that I have some pics to look at.. ha ha I bet I would get those back before Juans.. :-) Sorry I'm just talking to myself at this point since I'm so bored.. :-)

Hey Tammy ~ Did I mention that JT said he'll have all my pics online next weekendhuh.gif ....just rubbing it in...I'm so mean! I'm sure JC will get to your wedding sooner rather than later....just be patient!

oh, and I think you should hire JT for a trash the dress sesssion....you'd get your pics quick and they would be oh so beautiful! :)

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