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Toronto Area Girls - Get together!

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Great! As per my post above, I was thinking it'd be great to have "seasonal" meetings so hopefully brides-to-be with fast approaching AND far away dates can all attend.


Would February or March be better for everyone?

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Hey ladies, sorry I've been gone for a week studying for an exam. Now I'm back and ready to put this into action.


I'm looking at these dates:


Week of:

Feb 27

Mar 6

Mar 13


Day/Time of Week:

-Friday night

-Saturday or Sunday night

-Saturday or Sunday afternoon



I think somewhere downtown or mid-town Toronto would be best - close to the subway line but also with parking nearby so everyone can come. Should we try for a pub, sit-down restaurant, or coffee shop?


Please submit your feedback! I'm envisioning we all meet and share how our plans are going or for those who have already wed, share your experiences and tips. :)

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