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AIRFLASH by Dior - makeup

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So my friend has used this makeup for years and her skin always looks flawless, creamy, perfect -like a airbrush look. A few months ago I went ahead and bought it from Sephora (it's about $60).

It's Sephora's only makeup like this. You can spray it on your hand (if you want a heavier application) or on a brush (if you want a more natural/lighter application). I spray it on a brush and mostly just dab it where I need to and it blends in my skin and looks awesome! I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't make me oily or brake out, so no worries there. I would recommend applying it with a brush because you don't want to use too much either. You only need a few sprays for your whole face and if you only use this for special occasions, it will last you months.

I definitely plan on using it for my wedding. Especially for brides who are doing their own makeup, you might want to check into this....



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I use this product and it is the best! i only use it for special occasions because its so expensive - you def need to hold it in place with a light powder after applying esp if its hot out like any other foundation it will get moist or if you have oily skin...but it is like magic you will look flawless!!!


here is a link: Sephora: Dior DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation: Liquid Foundation

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