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I'm so excited this is my first post of my DIY! My camera is broken so I had to take the pics with my phone.

So, I copied a few of you brides out there and decided to send out "unofficial bridesmaid" packets. I sent out 6 total and they turned out great.


I wrote each girl a letter just letting them know why I'm lucky to have them a friend and how special they are to me. It was really cool to take the time and write these (I almost started crying!) and it really made me realize what it means to be a good friend.

I bought those 3D wedding stickers or bouquets/wedding dresses and decorated a plain card with them. Inside I created a smaller card that had the "top 5 reasons to be my unofficial bridesmaids" on it. I printed those cards, but I hand wrote the letter in pink ink.

Then I needed to figure out how to make a necklace inexpensively, yet nice.


So I found all the stuff at Michael's and made gold wishbone charm necklaces

I bought:

2 sets of Jolee' Charms - Each set came with the wishbone that had a tiny sworovski crystal in it ($4.99 each set - so $10 total for 6)

Chain to make each necklace 18" long (three packages of chain $2.99 each - total $9)

The crimpers (dont have a picture of them) - (one package $2.99)

Clasps/Hooks (one package was $2.99)

Organza bags to put them in (bag of 25 was $4.99)

I already had the needle nose pliers

And I had a 20% off entire order coupon, so total was about $25 for 6 necklaces - oh and this pretty much included the blank cards (I think those were only a few bucks)


here are the pics!


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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Love them! Your girls are going to be so impressed. I cried when I wrote my letters too. I think this wedding stuff is just tear jerking all around. Great job!


And I noticed that you had more people book. Exciting :)

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