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Blurt's ROR review

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Well what can I say but WOW. Any futures brides going to ROR you have picked the perfect place.

We arrived Tuesday night, left it till Wednesday to find Chandlyn after 2 days we decided to wait for her after one of the weddings. We arranged to meet with Nikki on the Saturday. Nikki was brilliant, we had asked for the garden gazebo but after seeing the beach we decided to change our minds. That wasn't a problem, we booked the steel band and sorted everything we wanted. We went back to see her on the Monday ( the day before) to change a few things and again it wasn't a problem. The day of the wedding the sun was shining. I went to have my hair done ( I booked the day after we arrived) I took a picture and she said it wasn't special enough for my big day and she said leave it with her. I'm glad I did because it looked beautiful. It only took an hour so I had plenty of time to get ready. Nikki came for me and my bridesmaid at 10.45 ready for our wedding at 11am.

I was so nervous until I saw my FI ( now my husband), I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. The steel band played the tradional wedding march for me and they played one love after. They played for an hour while we photos and drinks. When they had finished we went to the pool bar to have a few more and to relax. It went a bit cloudy so we went inside to one of the bars, we just sat around and chatted and had a few cocktails.

At about 4pm we went and freshern up ready for our meal and the mammee bay. The food there was gorgeous.

After our meal we went and watched the entertainment ( yes still in my dress) but by 10.30 we were tierd so we went to bed.

The whole day was perfect, everything went to plan.


info for future brides.

If you want to find Nikki or Chandlyn wait till just after a wedding and then you can catch them.

There is an ATM machine in the casino


I will post the photo's later.

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Hi Blurt,


Congrats on your wedding! Can't wait to see your pictures. I am glad everything went as planned for you. Looking forward to our wedding next April.


Thanks for sharing your review with us :)

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