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My wedding attire search

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I went to the first bridal salon several weeks ago and to my surprise, I really liked 5 of the 7 or 8 I tried on ... which amazed me since I don't have that kind of luck with regular clothes.


I narrowed it down to two. I tried them on again today (at lunch) and I love, love, love the Augusta Jones Jolie. They are having a trunk show at the end of June, so if I decide that is the one, I get 10% off.


Augusta Jones - Jolie

It has some sparkly beading along the neckline and back.

There is a little piece of material that snaps into place at the cleavage too.

I like the contrast of the materials.


The second dress I liked is the 3rd dress in this catwalk video, they only show it for a sec though:

Augusta Jones


I went to David's Bridal for the heck of it and didn't find anything I liked.

Yesterday I went to another store and they had so many beautiful dresses, but nothing that I liked very well. There was one by Mikaella, dress 1214, which is on their site: Mikaella Bridal | Wedding Gowns (you need to scroll to see it), but it really didn't really feel like me.


I walked into their room with all of the bm dresses and I think I found the dresses for my bridesmaids! I ran right over to it at the end of the store. Adjust your screens... it really is a vibrant orange!


Watters & Watters | Bridesmaid Gown Collection | Style 7544 | Iridescent chiffon v-neck dress with bias skirt and streamers at back. Available in floor length or extra length.


I have two challenges:

Two bridesmaids that are in Mexico

Then two that will have given birth in October, so I won't have their true sizes.


This dress should be forgiving because of the flowy material on the top and the A line. I had envisioned tea-length dresses, but these are nice too. My MOH is on vacation, so she has not seen this yet. My sister was with me and she liked it, (she gave our other sister a terrible time with the dresses she had picked out for us - so she changed them. She looks back and hates that she didn't go with her original choice).


Anyway, I wanted mango calla lilies for me, will match with their dresses - but I am open to change that. There is a bouquet on on theknot site I really like with has orange, green and white. If I go with orange, what colour flowers do you think they should have? I had thought my wedding colours would be bright green and white with a hint of orange.


I have one more store to visit and that may be it.

I really do love the 'Jolie'... is it possible I found 'the dress' so quickly?

Thanks for reading!

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I love the Jolie dress!!! It is beautiful!!! Girl, I went dress shopping this past Saturday and found my dress. It was th FIRST one I tried on! I did try 4 or 5 others, but I just knew that one was 'THE ONE'!!! So it is totally possible that you found your dress so quickley!!!! Congrats, and happy planning!

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Paula I love the first dress. I played the second one over and over again so I could make sure that I saw every little last detail. I like the second one as well it is very pretty but something tells me that the first one is more you. If you really love it then you have found your dress. I would just hold off for a little while longer in case you find something you love even more than the first one.


The BM dresses are really pretty. I like the fit of the dress. I don't know much about those specific BM dresses but I think they can be ready fairly quickly. (I think) So you can probably wait a little longer until after your BM's give birth so that you can get their measurements after their pregnancies. I'm sure this will make them happy as well. The friend in Mexico may be tough, but if she gets fitted for exact measurements it may be easier to get something closest to her size. I would do one size up for her and mail it to her so that she can have it taken it to a seamstress there. Better to have it larger than too small.

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I love the Jolie!!! Wow. If you think it's "The One" then it certainly is!


As far as the bridesmaid dresses. They look great, but I don't think they're very forgiving in the belly area which may be an issue for your bridesmaids just having given birth. I like the bright colors for the beach. Your color theme sounds awesome. My girlfriend is having a baby at the end of Sept and standing up in my wedding the end of October. I also have a plus size bridesmaid and the dress they picked is really flattering. Kindof what you described.Click the image to open in full size.


Nordstroms is great with their cheap shipping ($5) and liberal return policy. They had some great flowy tea length dresses.

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I love the Jolie as well! Gorgeous! And if you love it...then you should get it! Don't over-think the whole thing. Choose what makes you feel happy and beautiful. And yes, it is totally possible to find "the dress" that fast! Just like Ashleigh, I found mine the first day I went shopping and it was the first one I tried on! Go with your gut! :-)


Also, I think the BM dresses you picked are cute...and yeah, probably anything with an a-line or empire cut is going to be most forgiving to pretty much any body type. A sheath might be a challange for a girl who's just had a baby...hell, a sheath is a challange for me!! Watters has TONS of great BM dresses. Also there's a site you can order them from that is SO much cheaper than in the stores. I ordered my MOH dress for my friends wedding from there and it was almost $100 cheaper than in the store...even w/ shipping. It takes longer but to me it was worth it. Definitely check it out for your girls, see if they carry the style you want.


House of Brides

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I *LOVE* the first one! Absolutely stunning!! I love the BM dresses also, but there's one thing that makes me go 'hmmmmm...' That is this: The style is so similar to the first bridal gown that it makes me wonder if it would kind of compete with your dress?

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Thanks everyone!


Ack! Maria - There will be no competing with my dress! Hehe! You know, that is probably why I liked it. Watters does have other dresses in that colour. I will take a better look with my MOH when she comes back.


Ajncooter, Yes I was surprised that the two dresses I really liked were the same designer, yet very different styles.


Cheese_diva, that is a very pretty dress! I looked at the Nordstrom's site and they have lots of nice dresses! I guess I just didn't think to look there.


Rachelle, thanks for the link! So much to look at now!


Glenda... great advice as always. It's kinda hard that one is in Mexico and pregnant! I think we will be going to Mexico City in July, so I can sit down and show her all my wedding ideas. You are right, we can wait until right after she has the baby, I just have to make sure the designer we use has fast turnaround. The other preggers is my FI's sister.


I think I will wait to order a dress at least until the end of the month. They said it would take between 4-6 months for the Jolie and then I have to take it for alterations. I get married in 7 months, 3 weeks and 4 days :)

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