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Destination Wedding - The Guest Piece

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source: www.goarticles.com


With more couples opting for destination weddings these days, it has become increasingly common to find in your mail box, a wedding invitation to a wedding in one of the more popular wedding destinations.


What does this mean for you, in the shoes of a guest on the wedding guest list?


Perhaps the initial thought would be to ponder if you have known the couple well enough and on close relations for you to pick up the phone and say that you are going? Or to decline the invitation politely?


You most probably would have an array of thoughts going through your mind. If you go, what are the considerations that you have to think about? If you are not going, will the couple be disappointed or angry?


Some guests would feel the pressure to go, if they are on really good terms with the couple. But what are the tabs they have to pick up to say yes?


One of the most expensive of all is the cost of the travel arrangements. The cost would vary on the destination and of course, the number of people going. If you are the relative of the couple, most probably you would bring the whole family along. This might add up to a huge strain on your wallet.


These costs do not include those you may have to bear while at the destination, such as the meals and transport. So the amount might become overwhelming.


Not forgetting, you most probably have to bring a wedding gift over, which might be another cost.


If you choose not to go, how should you tell the couple? They might have attended your wedding before. What would be their reaction? Should you tell them the reason?


This dissonance might be in your head. You have carefully considered and decided to say no and call the couple to decline the invitation.


You might get a mix of responses from the couple. But if they truly understand your concerns, they would be graceful to accept your decision. Of course, you might get angry or disappointing responses from them. Do not take it to heart. Perhaps the only thing you could do is to give a good wedding gift to them and your best wishes.


Alternatively, check with the couple if there is a second wedding reception for those who cannot attend. You could then go for the reception and send your best wishes and congrats to the couple.


It does seem a tricky issue to decide whether you are attending the wedding ceremony. But whatever decision you have made, do convey it to the couple. Do not leave them hanging in the air.



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Luckily, all of my 9 guests are able to make it to the wedding, but I think most couples understand that a DW is a big expense financially and time-wise and shouldn't get upset if guests can't make it.

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I like this article.  There is a lot of planning that goes into a destination wedding and I believe that most couples factor in guest's cost if they invite a large amount of guests.  The best way to help guests with their decision is by having options such as using a travel agent which can break up the cost over a period and a website that lists all your information.  

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