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Originally Posted by Love3 View Post

I am pretty new on here too. I am getting married at Rose Hall Suites too Nov 9 2009!! Are you talking to a wedding coordinator yet? Have you booked anything down there such as flowers, photographer?? I heard that the wedding coordinators were great with getting back to you quickly and communication but boy was I wrong. They take at least a week to get back to me! Not impressed since I only have 4mths to plan this!!! Trying to figure out this OOT bag stuff lol. There are sooo many great ideas on here but it is all US sad.gif We are in the process of looking for a photographer. Happy planning!
Sometimes the WC's don't reply as quickly as we would like them to so you just have to patient. I know it's not easy. One thing that has helped me is to be in contact with present and past brides from the resort I'm using. They definately helped to answer my questions and put my mind at ease. It will all work out.

As far as the OOt bags, check out the OOT section on the forum. I've already decided that I'm not going to buy tons of stuff to fill up the OOT bags and bring them with me from the US. I plan to fill up the bags with gifts/treats from the Island- unique things that I can't get in the US ( like candy, snacks, liquor,crafts)-and give them a gift bag at the wedding- not sure yet but maybe that will be helpful for you.

I'm familiar with Jamaica so PM me if you need ideas for favors/OOt bags.

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