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January 2010 brides!!

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Thanks Lisa and Aimee! I forgot to mention i have the deposit for the photographers. We actually decided to use a different photographer for both the wedding and the TTD, which will happen a couple days later.


Is anyone doing a month before newsletter / pamphlet?

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Hi ladies!


Well a managed to finish stuff for the guestbook this weekend. I will some pictures probably tomorrow. This is exciting! :)


Joss - I wasn't planning on doing that. Most of my guests are avid traveller's and know what to expect and have been to Jamaica before. So I didn't feel the need to do this.

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Wow, I just found this thread today! I too am a January bride, the 16th to be exact. After reading this thread, I realized I REALLY need to sit down tonight an make a list of things to do, and things done! Thank you ladies for posting all of yours. It will give me a good start on what I need to list! Once I have it, I'll post it.

Thank you Lisa for starting this thread! Time to get cracking!

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Ok, so here's a quick breakdown:




Hair/makeup salon booked

STD's sent out

Coordinator hired

Wedding dress ordered

Shoes purchased (although I have to see if they'll match the dress still!)

Photog hired

DJ - almost hired

Caterer hired



Groom's clothing

Venue booked - almost booked one villa, but coordinator came up with a fabulous one! So glad I waited to send the check!



Gifts for bridal party

Gifts for parents

Honeymoon plans

Invites - although I do know which ones I want, just waiting to find out the venue info to put on them!


There are so many other little things to add to all of this, but I think I am fairly ahead of the game! My goal is to really finalize as much as I can by November! Still don't have favors, etc. either. We're not doing OOT bags b/c everyone is staying in different places. Too hard to get them all out!


Thanks again for this thread! I'll keep checking back to see what others have posted so that I don't forget all the little details!

Good luck to everyone! January is just around the corner!

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OK, wow there are al ot of other Jan 2010 out there I was also thinking that there was only a few of us... Jan5, 2010 DR Punta Cana for me.



- Dress ordered, should be in any day now

- BM Dresses and Jewelry purchased

- FI and GM Outfits Purchases (just need to be hemmed)

- Garter/Hair Flower/Sand Cermony/Necklace/Shoes Purchased

- Invites Sent

- Resort Deposits Paid

- Date Confirmed

- Honeymoon Booked and deposit down

- Just had our Jack and Jill (wanted nice weather for outside BBQ)

- Photographer booked/ Deposit Paid (I am bringing mine down)

- Ordered Gifts for BM

- I think that may be it...


To Do

- Any and All things resort related; Pick Ceremony/Reception location, Flowers, I don't even know or I would try to do it...

- Marriage license and documents translated to Spanish

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So here's a question i have for all my fellow January 2010 brides: how freaked out should i be that I haven't even really been looking for a dress yet? I've heard lots of conflicting things like it's easy finding the dress but alterations can take forever, or vice versa. Am I starting to cut it too close?

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