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Yes, for the women pretty much anything goes except beachwear.  We certainly saw men turned away who were wearing shorts and capris.  If you join this FB group, I posted exactly what it says on the reservation slips for the a la cartes while we were staying there.  Sandals are fine for men.  If I recall correctly, it also says no sleeveless shirts for men.




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Was wondering if you where told what exactly the dress code is for the A la Carte's, it states dress code but doesnt list details of what this requires. Thanks;)


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Hi all!  I'm officially a Grand Sirenis bride!!  Woohoo!  Booked our wedding day, January 30, 2013.

So, so excited to finally get to go hard on the planning :)  So far this has been immensly helpful to me, and I can't wait to get to really start.

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Also, I thought I might share what I've gotten so far from Areceli, in case anyone needs it for quick reference!


Minister $ 4,500 pesos
Judge $ 5,200 pesos
Apostille $ 1,200 pesos
Blood test $ 220 usd
Priest $ 5,000 pesos
Hanging corsages $ 770 pesos c/u
Centerpieces $ from 450 pesos
Large Bouquet $ 800 pesos
Bouttonier $ 200 pesos
Brideâ€s maid bouquet $ 500 pesos
Corsages $ 396 pesos
Flower petals $ 200 pesos per bag
Palms $ 250 pesos
Fabrics for gazebo different colors $ 600 pesos each one
Ribbon for chairs different colors From $30 pesos each one
Sand or red runner $ 325 pesos
Yute runner different colors $ 500 pesos
Rose petals runner $ 2,000 pesos



What is the cost of the Palapa Rental for our dinner and reception and what does this include (Open Bar? Dinner? DJ or use of sound system for IPOD? Dessert? for how many hours)?
Palapa $ 11,050 pesos
Menu per person $ 500 pesos
Dj $ 650 pesos per hour or sound system $ 450 pesos per hour
Includes: 4 hours of national open bar, white fabrics around the palapa, round tables, chairs with cover chairs and blue ribbons and waiters
If our package includes dinner for a number of people, are those free inclusions transferrable to the Palapa? No, if you want the palapa you have to pay a banquet menu for all the guest
What is the charge per person for dinner?  From $ 500 pesos
How long do we get an open bar in this cost, and what is charge to continue open bar for longer? 4 hours, extra hour $ 60 pesos per person per hour

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Originally Posted by jemmabuls View Post


This is a wedding website, a lot of people have already booked this hotel. Your review belongs on trip advisor but not on here! 


I provided you with information to access a third party review that I appreciated before I travelled to a foreign country to be married. Use at your own discretion.


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@sgreen99 just so you know if you have more than 60 people the price for the dinners for the palapa for the 3 course dinner is 350 pesos. there is also a charge for the use of the sound system per hour if you dont have a dj... 


I'm in the process of trying to pick out flowers etc does anyone know what the color options are for the ribbons? I know if you pick anything other than white or blue you have to pay but im wondering what the other colors are? 


And does anyone know what the cost is for a flower for your hair? i'm guessing it wouldnt be too expensive?

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I can tell you a bit about orchids for your hair...we purchased a stem of white orchids for my FI's daughter's hair and used all but one or two blooms on the stem in her case.  The stem was around $15.50 USD.  We did inquire about one large fuschia orchid, and the price they quoted us was almost $40 USD!  Needless to say, we went with the white orchids....here's a pic of how they looked:


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