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thanks for all the information it has been a couple of weeks since i emailed the co-ordinator and i have just had a reply however something i didn't ask was about the gold package, is the 4 hours dinner private.  I know how busy araceli is and hoped you could answer this for me.


Hope you can help.


Also the palapa if you have any pictures of this i would really love to see them as i've not heard about it before and what meal do you have if you have the palapa.


Thanks again




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Kbodchill - the review is awesome! Thanks for all of the info. You said that you got the menu for the non-restaurant (palapa) would you be able to share that? With the price being so much more, I wanted to see if the menu has any more choices. Also you said it was for 10 people, the Air Transat package is for 24 people do you think that would still be the same?  

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@Donnaalec11: Private message me your email address ok? I'll send you the pics. Also, I think the Gold ceremony at the restaurant is private. My listing says:


-Reception dinner at "'a la carte restaurant" for 4 hours.


and then, right underneath it says:


-Rehersal dinner (not private)


I'm assuming that, since they specifically indicated "not private" there, the reception dinner is probably private. HOWEVER, I didn't specifically ask for this package, so you'll still have to confirm. (But its probably private :)


@Corbeil: I totally asked Araceli this question..........but I'm not sure if I remember her response correctly! I will clarify with my fiancé tonight and get back to you tomorrow hopefully. She either said:

-anyone over 24 you have to pay the 65 or 95 pp.

-or you have to pay for each person because its a "special" menu....


I just know that it didn't make much of a difference for us because we have so may ppl (50+) that we end up having to pay for a bunch of people either way. I'm sorry I can't give you a response sooner though, fiancé is at a hockey game lol.


As for the menu, which is listed as "Beach wedding menu"



1. Lobster cream

2. Asparagus cream

3. Florentine cream



1. Green salad with goat cheese

2. Mixed salad with vinegrette

3. tropical salad (lettuce and fruits)



1. Surf and Turf with shrimp or lobster (lobster = upgrade)

2. Steak with panela cheese (this is what the ppl I spoke with had, they said it was delicious!)

3. Loin of salmon in sauce clams (? I think they mean clam sauce)



1. Brownie with vanilla ice cream

2, Cheesecake with blueberries



1 Vegetable lasagna

2 Ricotta ravioli with cheese and spinach

3 Cannelloni with spinach


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Thanks for the menu. I confirmed with my travel agent today that you definately get 24 people included for the dinner before you have to pay extra. We are only having 24 so this is perfect for us. If we have to pay extra for the 'beach' menu I am not sure if it would be worth for us even though the Palapa looks wonderful. Thanks for the pictures.


Before I forget here is the email address to get an application for VIP membership vip@sirenishotels.com

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Thank you for your reply,  i did think it was private but wanted to make sure.  My email address is donnacarroll1975@yahoo.co.uk

I  have looked through the menus they emailed me and notice one of the pictures of a dining area that looked to be outside but under shelter.  Is this the palapa or just an outside area to eat?    I did ask araceli but was told that the lobster beach dinner was 11050 pesos, this really didn't answer my question and i know how busy she is at the moment.


Hope you can help?





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@ Donna - I think that the area that you are talking about is the beach location that Kbodchill was talking about in an earlier post. I think that it is the snack bar in the day. From what I can guess (because I get confusing answers too) is that the beach location and the palapa location have the beach menu that is listed above from Kbodchill and you have to pay the addition fee to rent the location. The a la cartes have their own menus.

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