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Moe's Plannin Thread Super Long

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Originally Posted by moepeedy View Post
Merocket, Thank you so much. So much fun to read everyone's responses.

H&F - bought flip flops from the nail salon I visit often. I bought a box of 100. I have some left over if interested. I paid a 1.oo for them.
great review! I absolutely am amazed by your boudoir pics, they are beyond sexy. Your sandals are the exact kind i've been looking for. I know you said you got them at the nail salon you go to. Do you mind letting me know what the salon's name is? Their number or website?

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Love3, Thank you so much. Simple is the way to go.


Joss,I bought the sandals a year and a half ago they don't carry them anymore. I have some left overs how many would you need.

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