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calchik's punta cana, gran bahia prinicipe bavaro wedding review. LONG and with pics!

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thanks everyone! i hope it's helpful to someone

i was slowly writing the review over a few days but it did take hours


kristina, i never really saw a wedding take place on the beach

it was at one end of the beach so even though it was surrounded by beach chairs they were mostly empty cuz ppl were too lazy to walk to the end of the beach...and i don't think there was a bar nearby either msnwink.gif


as for the hands in sand pic, i saw it on some photographer's website so on our last day there DH and i went and did it ourselves


oh and if you're going to steal sand from the beach to use at your AHR, try to dry it out before pouring it. otherwise it clumps and is harder to pour without making a mess. lol

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Thank you so much for this review. Congratulations on the wedding and I am so glad that everything turn out so beautifully.


We are having a wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro on April 15, 2010 and we are still in the process of trying to decide some of the items. So if you don't mind, I would like to ask you some questions:

1. the wedding questionnaire says that you have a choice of beach, gazebo 1 or gazebo 2 for the ceremony. Do you know the difference between gazebo 1 and 2.

2. how many people attended your wedding.

3. which wedding package did you choose

4. the outside location looks perfect. Which restaurant was it and did you have a private ceremony.

4. you had mentioned that you only had about 1 hour for dancing. Was that because you had to be out by a certain time.


I know this is a lot of questions but would really appreciate any assistance as we are finding this whole process a little overwhelming when we haven't been to the resort and don't want to make the wrong choice.


Looking forward to your response. Thank you again.

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Calchik your wedding looks like it was so much fun! I love so many of your things, like the cake, the gazebo, and definitely your dress!!!! What kind of dress is it? Who was your photographer? Did you make a planning thread? I would love to see all the details....

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I've booked MW too to do our photos. In his packages now, he doesn't stay through the reception. Was it the same for you? How did you compensate for this?


I'm glad you posted your review- it really helped me decide when I was in the process of trying to book photographers.



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