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transportation issues

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So I was wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions/help/ideas about transportation from our city to the city where we'll be flying from.


Here's the situation. Our drive is about 4 hours to the airport. In the winter, it's the "snow zone" and can get really bad so we usually go the day before and stay a day after, depending on flight times. As it stands now, my family with the FI (5 of us in total) can all go in one vehicle (my dad's Tahoe) sharing 1 or 2 rooms and we're all ok with that. Here lies the problem. FI's family (there are 4 of them) has 1 car (4 door Cavalier). There is absolutely NO room for 4 people and their luaguage in that car. The other problem is that there is only 1 driver between the 4 of them, FI's mom. NONE of them have ever flown or even driven to the city we need to go to. We can't take our car either, as it won't have enough room. I'm stressing out about this because I don't know how to get them to the airport. They'll all be freakin' scared as they've never done this before, so I don't really want to abandon them. I also don't believe they have enough cash to stay in a hotel the night before we leave. We really don't need to take some kinda shuttle or whatever, but I'm not sure what to do about them.


Any thoughts?! The wedding is 6 months away, but it'll go by fast and I need to get things in place. Is it up to me to plan this for them? Or should they be planning their own transportation?


HELP!!!!!! lol

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I can totally feel for you. We are in a similar situation...dang our Canadian winters.


I traveled to Jamacia a year ago and tried to get the Airport the morning of our flight...we ended up on a road of pure ice and multiple accidents. We were fortunate to arrive at the Airport 1/2 hour before bording...well needless to say they do not like that and would not check us in. They wanted to make us wait in line. the line was going to be 2-3 hour wait. So my FI parents pulled out some cash and bribed a person to check us in.....we ran to the plane and made it just on time.


So in saying all of that....THIS TIME....we are going down the night before. Everyone is going to be responsible in getting there themselves. However I will help them car pool as best I can. Once they are there we will be paying for hotel rooms for everyone in the wedding party and family. My biggest fear is someone will get left behind by missing the plane due to the weather.


I did look into Robert Q ...as well as a Limo. Robert Q is very resonably priced and they are used to driving in the snow....The Limo option was was to pricey. I found it cheaper to pay for everyones hotel. Plus I also found out alot of hotels near the airport have free week long parking....you may want to look into that as well as it could help them to deciede to come up the night before and save money on parking alone...


Hope this helps.....

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Well, my first instinct is to say if they have agreed to come to the wedding, booked their rooms, flights, etc... then it's not up to you to plan their transport to and from the airport. All of my guests are planning their own...


That being said, given the weather situation and the fact that you are working out travel arrangements for some of the family; I would lean towards saying that you should get involved in helping them or it could cause some problems. I would try to help find a reliable driver and vehicle to get them there. Perhaps there is someone else's car in the family that can be used and someone from your car group can switch to theirs to drive? As far as a hotel for the night before, maybe you can work out a deal with a hotel and split the cost with them OR if there are 4 of them; splitting a hotel room bw four people for one night shouldn't cost that much...


I wish I had a better solution for you; hopefully some of the other ladies have some more ideas.

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I was going to suggest looking into a shuttle service. Some more northernly city's have a regular minivan or small bus that make once a day trips to Toronto/Pearson airport.


I also would look into Nikicrosby's suggestion. Many airport hotels offer specials that include a weeks parking, which by can cost up to $120, depending which service you use.

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