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I clicked to "upgrade" facebook for Blackberry to the 1.6 and ended with no FB on BB

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So the other day, I receive a little notification on my BB - upgrade for the latest version of FB ! OK why not, I'm at immigration anyway, only this to do... I download the new version, 1.6, the BB asks to reboot. I reboot... and nothing. The application is in my list of apps, but no icon...


I try several times, download it from facebook, from blackberry, from T mobile... Delete, download, reboot, ok'ed the replacements when I did not delete the prior version before downloading again... nothing. I log on forums and learn that lots of people are in the same case - just because the new FB 1.6 is not compatible with the BB operating software OS 2 !!! On which I am... and that I cannot change because it's company !


So I find the link to download the FB 1.5 again... the BB says the install is successful... but still no icon !!!


So here I am... I do not manage to find the anterior versions of FB for BB (the 1.4.1. or anterior) so I'm stuck ! Booh ! that sucks !


If anyone has the link to download a prior version of FB for BB, I take it !!!

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If it makes you feel any better I managed to click something on my BB and FB disapeared and I haven't been able to get it back since. I have no idea why...

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