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Well as my RSVP date is coming up tomorrow and we've only received about 1/2 of our RSVP's, I thought it would be a good idea to email a little something to remind those who have told us they were coming, but haven't booked yet. This is what I came up with.


This is just a quick reminder that if you havenâ€t done so already, now is the time to book your wonderful dream vacation to Jamaica! Of course, while there, as a bonus, youâ€ll get to witness a beautiful exchange of wedding vows between Ken and I. There are still 2 rooms left guaranteed at a great price! Call Jackie now as offer ends soon. (June 30th, 2009). Hope to see you all in Jamaica!


What do you gals think?

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I'll bet those last two rooms are now gone! I think a gentle reminder is always helpful -- there are always those last-minute procrastinators. I like how you worded this email -- it's lighthearted and fun and also gets the point across. I think we will end up doing something similar!

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