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Jenn's (PhillyBride09) Dreams Cancun Wedding Review (06/24/09)

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You're so sweet Jenn :)


I'm so happy for you and Joe and glad that overall everything went well.


Isn't the video fantastic!!?? I didn't even care about getting a video, but when I got ours I was blown away, it was SO GOOD!


I should've mentioned that to you about the songs he uses. he used our ceremony songs too and then one random song and I really would have liked to have had our first dance song in there. (PS, I love Brad Paisley's "Then")

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Great review! i just saw your pro pics and i was thinking how great your makeup looked and wondering if you did it yourself now i know you had it done. they did an awesome job. Congratulations!

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Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 View Post
Well as many of you know, the Ultimate Wedding package comes with a Videographer, and you get a 30 minute edited DVD and you get a Photographer for 60 minutes. You get a book with 50 pictures and a CD of those 50 pictures. I originally booked Cecilia Dumas because I wasn't hearing that many great things about the Photographer with my package, Juan Navarro. However, I wound up not being able to afford the extra expense, and I had to cancel Cecilia and deal with having Juan Navarro. I was really upset. Honestly.
I shouldn't have been :-) Not only was Juan great..He had another guys with him..He had two cameras...And we had him for like 90 minutes. After we took the group pics and then the pics with the parents he asked if we wanted beach shots or lighthouse shots. I knew JOe wanted lighthouse shots, but we only had this guys for an hour and it was already 30min into it, so I said beach. We did the shots with the bridal party on the beach....Which I thought were really funn. And then he said to me & joe, Come on,, lets go to the light house. So we did.
I had to walk BAREFOOT up all of the rocks to get to the damn light house, but I had a feeling it would be worth it, so I tried not to complain. My dress was complete torn apart when it was over, it kept getting caught on rocks, but I didn't care. I knew Joe was happy to be at the light house and I was happy that Juan was really taking his time with us.
The Videographer followed us the whole time, and he was taking his shots as well.
When he was done, we went back to cocktail hour and he wrote our room number down and said Friday night, someone would be by with our pics and the video.
Sure enough, he called and said his associate was going to meet us in the lobby at 8. And he was there right on time.
He gave us our book, which we love...Juan had printed out more then 50 pics for us..it was about 60 +..
Then he pulls out his laptop and said that Juan took over 600 pictures and we sat there and watched them all...LOL I really did love them though :-)
I heard that if you buy the whole CD he charges you $200, which I was more then prepared to pay. However..after we were done looking at the CD, the guy said that he usually charges $300 for 300 pictures...And since I got 600 he was only charging us $350. ouch. I knew I was getting that CD no matter how much, but it was a little bit more then I wanted to pay. I probably could have talked him down to 250 now that I think about it, but it didnt matter...It was worth it to me. I love the pictures and he worked really hard that day...So we paid it and were satisfied :-)

The Video is more then fabulous. He used all of our ceremony songs plus added a couple of his own. I wish i would have asked him to put our first dance song on there ("Then" by Brad Paisley) but I forgot. It didn;t matter though...He not got our whole ceremony, but he has us posing for all of the pictures, and it's all set to music. It's really special. I love it.

I posted my pictures not long ago, so look for the post. He did a great job (in my opinion :-)

Overall Dreams is really great. Everyone had a great time...Everyone loved the service and their rooms & the Wedding.
We did have a few injuries. Joe's nephew fell twice and bumped both the front & back of his head...My mom missed a step and twisted her ankle really bad...However after a day at the spa...it looked 100 times better..& joe's mom hurt her thumb getting out of the Hot tub. Nothing wa the hotels fault :-)
On Thursday they shut the pool down about 4pm due to a swarm of bees that formed in the matter of minutes. We had just went up to our room and Joe 's mom called to tell us. Apparently the queen bee must have moved and they all followed her. They had the fire department there and all. The net day it was fine, but there were a few dead bees in the pool that kept popping up.
Alot of my guests swam with the Dolphins and loved it. They were so cute.eI loved watching them everyday. I loved when they hoped up on the blue mat to scratch their backs :0)
My brother in low took a deep sea fishing trip one morning and he loved it. Although the Apple Vacation guy he booked through told him that if he caught a tuna he can take it back and they will cook it for him, but when he got on the boat, they told him he couldn't take it back.He was bummed. We ate at the Oceana that night and he had tuna and he joked that it was the one he caught..LOL
Joe & I walked down to the mall to get our soveniers...The gifts shops were soo much more money and we go lots of good T-shirts and stuff.

I think that;s it..My hand is swollen from all this writing..LOL if you have any questions, just ask :-) and if you want to see my pics from Juan, they are in the Wedding pictures section of the Forum wink.gif

Thanks for reading this long ass review and I hope it has helped some of you!!
I'm sure I have lots of typos, so I am apologizing for that :-)
Where did you post your pics? I would love to see them!!

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